Does Aging Cause Arthritis : How To Stay Away From Arthritis ?

Many of us often experience a pain in our knee joints as we get old. For some this comes at a young age and for some at a very late age.

What is Arthritis?

Many people tend to think that arthritis is a disease which is not all true. Arthritis is a joint pain which is more or less caused due to some changes or the way we lead our life`s. There are many types of arthritis and all of them have different types of diagnosis.

Does Aging Cause Arthritis

The most common types of arthritis are Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis. More than 10 million cases of arthritis are reported just in Indian every year.

Does aging cause arthritis?

Many people believe that arthritis is an old peoples disease, however, that’s not the case it can affect anyone at any age. Mostly arthritis are seen on people below the age of 65. Arthritis is more common in women than men. Many believe that when women goes into child birth their muscles gets stretched out and this causes tensions in the joints leading to arthritis to develop over time.

Arthritis is most seen in people between the age group of 45 – 64 and this leads to about two third of the affected people. It is very rarely seen in the people below the age group of 44 but there are some cases as well.

The effect on Musculoskeletal system

Humans have a very fragile and at the same time a strong body, however aging does have an impact on the musculoskeletal system. In our body there is a constant process of bone remodelling which takes place by bone absorption and bone formation. As we age this process gets imbalanced and the bone absorption occurs more faster than bone formation.

The cartilage in our bone system also changes having less water in them as we age, which reduces its ability to absorb shocks from external force leading to some minor injuries. This also leads to occurrence of arthritis. 

As these cartilages breaks down the joints also become less strong and are prone to more shocks and can become inflamed as well.


Smoking affects our whole body and it definitely affects our bones as well. With prolonged smoking ones bones can become weak and there is an effect on cartilage as well. So one should quit smoking as over time it can develop into weak bones leading to arthritis.


The biggest issue for joint pain is excess weight on the body. The joints are responsible for carrying this weight and if it becomes way more than there is a huge stress on the joints leading them to break at one point developing into arthritis. One should always keep their weight in check as this might have an affect in the long run.


Exercise has many advantages and one of them is preventing from arthritis. Exercise helps your body move stretching the muscles from becoming stagnant and also helps in reducing the unwanted weight by burning calories a lot faster than any other means. Exercising also helps with heart disease and keep you at good mental peace and stability. For many people exercise have been able to pull them out of depression and get them back on to their daily track life.

Stay away from Sugar 

Sugar is the main source of weight gain for a body. It might be tasty and very enjoyable to drink but it has its affect on the body and this is visible at a very later stage in life. One should always check their sugar consumption as this might cause diabetes and sore muscles which will lead to arthritis if not treated at the right time.

Thus aging does affect arthritis if you don’t take care of your body at a very young age. Arthritis can also be hereditary in which case one cannot do much apart from detect it early on and start a diagnosis with the help of your doctor or a professional. The major reason as age comes into the picture is because of our bones getting less stronger than it was in our youth days but however arthritis is seen more in age group of 45 – 64. 

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