11 Best Hacks To Improve Joint Health – Results Guaranteed

Exercise is the key to staying fit and healthy in today`s world. One has to keep their joints healthy so as to prevent from getting Arthritis. When one or more joints are inflamed or cause stiffness or pains then it is known as Arthritis. These pains can be intermittent or sharp pain in the bones.

Try This And Say ​Bye To Joints Pain

Roughly 10 million cases of joint pains are reported just in India every year. These pains are normally experienced in joints, hands, muscles, wrist, back, or ankles. 

11 Best Hacks To Improve Joint Health

So how can one keep their joints healthy?

Below are listed some simple hacks which will improve joints health

  • Always be Agile – One should move on a daily basis as this eases joints pains and helps your muscles relax. Most of the people just sit idle avoiding more pain, however you should move your muscles so as to stiffness and this makes your body healthy.
  • Appropriate Safety – You should use padding on your knees or ankles while you are skating or riding a cycle so as to avoid any injuries on your joints in case if you fall off. Many people don’t use this safety pads and end up injuring the joints which becomes worse in the long run.
  • Be Healthy – Joints gets weak due to high body mass as well. The more you gain weight the more the pressure on the joints. One must maintain their ideal body weight so as to have healthy joints and maintain good life style.
  • Stretching – Your joints needs to be relaxed on a daily basis, stretching helps to achieve this. It is said that you need to stretch your body at least 3-4 times daily so that the joints don’t get stiff. Stretching before exercise also helps you to loose up you muscles thereby having a good workout session.
  • The Perfect Exercise – One should know which is the right exercise for the joints. You should not do heavy lifting when you have joint aches or exercises like swimming and bicycling.
  • Be in your limits – Every person knows what their limits are in exercising, one should not over do it and tear of a muscle of joint. If you experience any muscle issues stop right there, and relax and if the pain is severe do consult a doctor for expert opinion.
  • The right posture – Joint pains normally occur due to the wrong siting position or sleeping position. Sitting properly will prevent your joints from getting any additional stress and will also help maintain a good posture. Many a times due to the work from home environment people lie on the bed and try to finish their work which is really bad for the posture and your joints as additional load is being added to joints.
  • Maintaing proper diet – Food is the most important aspect in curbing joint pains. One should eat healthy and maintain their body weight, eating good amount of proteins will help you gain muscle weight and a good amount of calcium intake will make your bones strong. Milk and fishes have good amount of calcium in them. Leafy veggies, nuts and berries help in reducing the inflammation on your muscles, thereby reducing the joint pains.
  • Lifting Heavy things – Take extra care while lifting heavy things as these can prove very fatal on your joints if you go for overweight thing’s adding extra pressure on your joints. Always use both hands while lifting up things and if is possible to slide them do that rather than lifting it. Spine is the most affected body joint while lifting up things.
  • Slow down on your caffeine intake – Although coffee is the most preferred drink try to slow down on your coffee`s. Caffeine in coffee is said to weaken your bones to a large extent, instead try sipping on tea or some fruit juices which are also ggo for health.
  • Make sure you are not missing on your vitamins – Getting in all the required minerals and vitamin’s are the most important thing. Do a body check once and see if there is any issues and consult a doctor on how you can make it better. If in case of joint pains don’t try to treat yourself always seek professional help.

The above-said methods are a few of the processes through which you can secure your joints and be healthy.

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