Physical Activity During The COVID-19 Pandemic : Why Physical Activity Is Important During Covid-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic was a surprise to many. Suddenly we had all this time at hand due to lockdown and didn’t know what to do with it. The starting of the pandemic was all fun and games because everyone finally got a break from their non-stop schedule.

It was when everyone just took a pause and started relaxing. Everyone must have heard of the famous dalgona coffee that took the internet by storm. Suddenly everyone was making it. This was at the beginning of the pandemic. 

Physical Activity During The COVID-19 Pandemic

 Everyone thought this was just a matter of a month or two before everything gets back to normal. So everyone took this opportunity to just relax and enjoy the moment. I guess everyone loved it at the beginning but then as it got longer people got tired of sitting at home. Everyone who waited for a weekend while working started waiting for their return to the office. But sadly it did not come. 

Does this mean you have to sit around and spoil yourself with food doing nothing? Absolutely not. 

Physical Activity During The COVID-19 Pandemic

You could do many things to get rid of this boredom that can actually become a hobby for you. So I have listed some of the things you could give a try during this pandemic.

  • Exercising with your family: I know, you don’t want to hear it or do it. But this could actually help you get rid of the stress and anxiety you are feeling now. And doing it with your family could be so much more fun. You will have a good laugh while you are at it. And it is proven that exercising can actually help your body relax and calm down. So why not give it a try!.
  • Cooking: I am sure you have heard of the famous line from the movie ratatouille “anyone can cook”. This is true. It does not have to be perfect. It is so much fun to cook and have that meal. Till now the excuse for not cooking was you don’t have time. Now you have all the time in the world. Who knows, this could be your strong suit. Maybe this could be something you can find a career in. You will not know until you try it.
  • Cycling: This is another hobby taken by many during this pandemic. Cycling could be a great way to lose some weight and also tone up your body.  Remember the main goal is to heal yourself and not to calculate how much of it you are doing. You can take roads you have never traveled and also maybe enjoy nature for once.
  • Dancing: This is the most fun one out of the list. And one of my personal favorites. Whenever you feel stressed or anxious just play a song on the speaker,  crank up the volume and just start moving. Listen to the rhythm and move your body. This works like magic. You will feel so much relieved after this small dance session of yours.
  • Cleaning: You can try cleaning your room and house. Some studies have shown that cleaning can actually calm down people. You can start small like your room. It could be therapy for you. And even can be made a habit. A cleanroom will help to reduce your anxiety and stress.
  • Active Video games: This is may come as a surprise to many but playing active video games can be so much fun. It is as effective as doing all the other ones mentioned on the list. As long as you are moving you are good to go. This is something most people can try out.
  • Meditation/yoga: Many have been feeling uneasy sitting at home. Stress and anxiety have been at their highest for some. Doing yoga or meditating can really help to relax your body and calm down your mind. Doing both can help with any kind of stress you are facing.

It is always hard to get started, but trust me once you start doing even one of these you will feel so much better and healthier. This could be a start fresh for you and to find a new hobby for yourself. I hope you try this out and wishing you all the best!

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