Lower The Risk Of Severe COVID-19 By Doing Exercises?


Science demonstrates that physical activity helps us to feel better and avoid or slow down many conditions, such as cardiac disease, cancer, and dementia. It even gives us a longer life. Therefore, the US guidelines for physical activity and the American Heart Association recommend moderate physical activity for at least 150 minutes per week. For … Read more

Does Exercise Help Protect Against Severe COVID-19?


One more reason to get your muscles moving? According to studies, people who exercise are much less likely to have a serious COVID-19 illness. “Workouts also have many health advantages, from maintaining our hearts and controlling blood pressure to uplifting our mood, restricting the development of diabetes, and then even improving the immune system that … Read more

Are You Spending Quarantine Focusing On Fitness Goals Or Social Media?


During this pandemic, both fitness goals and social media play significant roles.COVID-19 has forced the closure of gyms, stadiums, pools, dancing and fitness studios, physiotherapy centers, parks, and playgrounds worldwide.  As a result, many people cannot engage in their usual solo or group sports or physical activities outside of their homes. Many people become less … Read more

Shifting Focus on Substitute Of Gym Workout And Equipment During Covid Situation


The COVID-19 epidemic has significantly disrupted our lives. Many providers’ wellness has suffered since the routines, so many of us build our lives have been disrupted. Now, more than ever, we must keep our fitness! This post will provide ideas for maintaining wellness and a physical exercise routine while coping with the epidemic. Why should … Read more