Abs Workout For Beginners: Best 8 Abs Workouts Without Hitting Gym

People want to build abs for several reasons. Some see it as a challenge, some as a way to get a fit body, while for some it could be to look attractive and post some Instagram pics. 

Abs Workout For Beginners

The idea of getting abs may seem far-fetched and hard. Is it seeming way too tough? Or does it seem like you need to get a full-time gymnasium membership to do it? It is true, forming abs is one of the hardest gym parts, but you can steal a little bit of time from your schedule to practice some workout moves for beginners. 

Abs Workout For Beginners

Here is the list of moves you can practice at home at your own comfort: 


Being one of the simplest exercises, there are minimal chances of getting it wrong. Spread the mat, and face your body towards the ground. Support yourself by your forearms and toes and lift yourself. Keep your body straight. Let your hips be high and your abs should be engaged. For beginners, it is advisable to practice it for 20 seconds to over a minute tops for one rep.

Side Plank

Work on this exercise to build your side abs. 

Lie on your right side forearm, elbow under the shoulder. Extend both legs forming a straight line of your body. Raise your hips up and hold for six seconds. Then take a rest for ten seconds. Repeat this process 3 to 5 times. Then switch to the left side and repeat.

Dead bug 

Dead bugs are totally abs-focused. It might seem easy at first, but when you start doing it, it gets hard after some moves. The goal for three sets each day, with five to eight reps in each. 

Lie down on your back. Now lift your legs in a way that gets your knees parallel to your hips. Move your arms straight above your head forming a ninety-degree angle to the ground. Slowly lower right arm and extend left leg simultaneously. Stop them before touching the ground. Then slowly bring them back to the starting position. This makes one rep. 

Toe Touch 

This works the middle and upper regions of your ab muscles. It can help you get a perfectly defined abdomen. 

Lie down on your back. Slowly lift your legs towards the ceiling. Next, lift your head, back, and hands towards the feet. Return back to the starting position. Try to hold for 30 seconds. This will make one rep. 

Mountain Climber 

It sounds simple, but it can work out your entire body muscles. This exercise strengthens your core and promotes shedding unnecessary fat, paving a way for your abs to come show themselves. 

Make the floor your mountain. Get into the position of a plank. Let your weight be evenly distributed among your arms and legs. Now pull your right knee and try to touch it to your chest. Start switching legs. 

Reverse Crunch 

When it comes to building abs, reverse crunches are even better than the standard crunch. 

Lie down on your back with your palms touching the ground. Now raise your legs in a way that your thighs and knees are at a vertical 90-degree angle. Then bring your knees to touch your abs and raise your hips above the ground. Start by aiming for 3 sets of 20 crunches. In the beginning, it is advisable to do crunches twice a week. However, once you get comfortable, you can do them 5 to 6 times a week.

Plank with Knee Tap

Place your forearms under your shoulders, palms flat on the ground. Raise your body, resting the lower weight on your toes. Now bend your right knee and touch it to the ground. Bend your left knee next to touch the ground. Stay engaged in your core. 

If you feel tightness in your belly button, you might want to stop it here and go back to normal planks. Master it first before progressing to the knee taps. 

Knee to Elbow

Start this by the standard high plank position. Raise the left foot off the floor and move it towards the left elbow. Keep your hips on level and back flat. Repeat the same with the right leg and left elbow. This makes one rep. 

These workouts should be enough for you to begin your journey to gaining perfectly chiseled abs! 

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