A Guide To Good Posture: Types And Good Posture Exercises

In today’s world looking good and being healthy are the two most important thing’s for both men and women alike. A good posture helps you attain both.

A Guide To Good Posture

People go to the gym or buy certain equipment which will help them to attain this good posture, however, there are many simple tricks that will help you achieve a good posture rather than spending a lot from your pocket. Posture is basically how you hold your body while doing simple tasks on a daily basis

A Guide To Good Posture

There are 2 types of posture

  1. Static – A static posture is the one where you maintain your body without doing much movement like sleeping, standing still or even sitting.
  2. Dynamic – A dynamic posture is the one where your body moves to do a certain task with the help of your muscles like walking, to catch something or bending over to pick a thing.

Both Dynamic and Static posture should be good and well, else it`ll cause issues in long term.

Your body posture is most importantly carried out by your spine and is the most important bone for almost all body movements.

How to improve your posture

  • Good work environment – With the covid 19 affecting all industries majority of the people are working from home. But what we fail to see is that is our table at a suitable height to our body, many a times we bend and work putting more strain on our spine which leads to wrong body posture.
  • No High Heel Shoes – Mostly women who wear high heel shoes have very sour feet and this also causes a strain on the spine. This doesn’t come into effect when you are in your young age but takes a toll on you at mid age. One should always wear low heeled shoes as this will help them maintain natural body posture.
  • Being Active – Every exercise helps one on maintaining a good body posture, however there are certain exercises which focuses more on body posture like Yoga, tai chi and other forms of body awareness techniques. Making your core muscles strong will help you a lot in making the body posture correct.
  • Be Careful of your posture – While doing daily activities like reading, watching television, one should sit in a comfortable way for the body so as there is no stiffness after you get up from doing your daily activities.
  • Maintaining perfect weight – Over weight or under weight people have many body posture issues as this can cause pain in spine or the pelvis leading to wrong body posture.
  • Do Child`s Pose – This technique helps in maintaining your body posture very well. Doing this exercise 5 mins in morning and 5 mins before sleeping can have very good effects on your body.  This exercise stretches and lengthens your spine after a days hard work.
  • Chest Stretches – Chest stretches helps you in long way for maintaining a good body posture. Doing this for 3 times a day will help you build chest muscles as well and make your shoulders align in straight line rather than crouching forward.
  • Constant Movement – There is a tendency for humans to stay still at a place once they are comfortable, however this causes your muscles to relax and stiff over time. It is said that one should move every 20 – 30 mins or change their body position so as to avoid this stiffness. You could get up from your desk do a light body stretch for 30 sec and then get back to work, this way the muscles wont contrast.
  • Working with your cell phone – At this age cell phone is the need of the hour. Many of us comfortably sit or lay down with cell phone in our hand in an awkward position and are totally engrossed in its contents. However, one must always hold their cell phone at eye level so as to not strain your neck and your eyes at the same time. This will be really useful in maintaining good body posture and less back aches in the long run.

So to attain a good body posture you need not spend money or hit the gym daily, all you need to do are these little things daily and follow them regularly for a good body posture.

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