How To Care For Sprained Ankle? Recover Fast From With These Tips!

Almost each of us has had a sprained ankle at least once in a lifetime. It is uncomfortable, it is unforeseen, and it is quite painful. You can get a sprained ankle even when you are walking plain ground.

Do you know what a sprained ankle is? It is an injury to one’s ligament(s). While the mildly sprained ankle can be treated within a few days, a severe one can lead to a whole ligament tearing.

How To Care For Sprained Ankle?

This can even delay the recovery for a few months. However, not all hope is gone. You can do several things at home to treat your sprained ankle and speed up the recovery.

How To Care For Sprained Ankle?

Keep on reading to find out what you can do to help with your sprained ankle recovery and also the first aid tips:

  • Many of us know right away when we have a sprained ankle. A good thing to do right after you know aur even feel like you have a sprained ankle is to not lift any weights. This should be followed by sitting in a comfortable position and elevating your leg so the swelling doesn’t get much worse. Elevating your leg will help reduce the swelling. For further help with that you can also take pills like Ibuprofen.
  • The next step is to prevent a stuvera brace for a bandage, which river you have at hand and make sure you don’t have much movement with your leg.
  • One more thing that comes right under the first aid category is to check with the doctor to know for sure if you have a sprained ankle. This is because sometimes the symptoms might be the same for two different injuries or diseases.

Now you know much about first aid for a sprained ankle.

  • Rest is the key to treating any injury or disease. When you have a sprained ankle it is not advisable to move too much at first and give your foot as much rest as you can. As mentioned earlier it also helps if you keep your foot elevated in case it starts to swell.
  • When it comes to a sprained ankle it hurts a lot especially in the beginning. Weather ice packs can reduce the blood flow to your injured ankle and also help with the swelling of the foot. Do keep in mind that this method may or may not help you depending on the intensity of your injury.
  • Compression is an age-old method to treat injuries like a sprained ankle. All you have to do is rubber bump on to the affected area and put a bandage over it. It should be packed but not too tight. The tightness of a bandage might dig into your skin and even cause more pain. So be careful with that.l!
  • We have already mentioned elevation. By elevating your foot you are helping the fluid to not get collected within that particular region. This helps with reduced pain as well as swelling. While sleeping too you can try to keep your foot elevated with pillows propped under it.
  • You can also try a heat pack. Just don’t use it over your swollen feet. Once your feet are not swollen anymore, you can try this method for 15 to 20 minutes. This might be a good method to find relief for some of the people.
  • While much movement is not advisable when you have a sprained ankle, still you shouldn’t let your foot go stiff. Regular stretching is good to keep you in form and help you to recover fast.
  • You can go exercising and walking as soon as your swelling comes down. This is great for your foot’s blood circulation. It is advisable to not overdo it. Just about 20 minutes should suffice at first.
  • If the pain is not too much then regular massage might be the key to your speedy recovery from a sprained ankle.
  • Physical therapy is a really good idea for people who have had a severe sprained ankle. This is especially a great method for the recovery of someone who has been through this pain for months.

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