Easing Lower Back Pain by Jake Hill

Fellow workout enthusiasts!  As some of you might know, I have chronic back pain that sometimes sidelines me during workouts.  I’ve searched far and wide, bought strange products from infomercials and seen back alley acupuncturists (I hope that was a needle, for his sake and mine).  My quest has recently brought me to a great … Read more

Floss Everyday by Mischa Jemionek

Floss Everyday: How (and When) to Use a VooDoo Band. Most athletes know that foam rollers and lacrosse balls are excellent tools for soft tissue mobilization.  But what about the VooDoo floss band?  Or if you are a CrossFit Love member, we have the various lengths of donated bike tires that have been cut in … Read more

“Inflammation, Health and Fitness”

Welcome to Day 4 of the Whole 30 / Love 30!! Today’s post is brought to us by Dr. Jeff Leighton, he is the mind and science behind all of SFH (Stonger Faster Healthier) products. Dr. Leighton applies science and medicine to the design, clinical testing, and commercialization of natural products that benefit wellness, fitness and … Read more

Are you still squatting on plates?

In the very first CrossFit Love Mobility blog, I showed you how lack of shoulder mobility can cause knee pain.  Well, it can start from the bottom up too.  Are you squatting with plates under your heels?  Do you have to excessively turn your feet out to achieve a full squat?  Ankle mobility is probably … Read more