Bikini Body Workout Plan – A Quick Way To Get A Sexy Body

Many admire curves and want a toned body. The dream for such a body can become a reality if you abide by an easy and quick workout routine. Getting the perfect waistline and sexy bikini body is not that difficult. Within the comfort of your house, you can practice these simple workouts and witness rewarding transformation in the body.

You can flaunt your sexy curves while looking beautiful and glamorous. Moreover, you do not even have to follow any strict diet. But a healthy diet along with the workout can provide you the energy and nutrition you need. Here is a workout plan to follow and get your desired figure.

Workout Plan For Getting A Bikini Body

The moves in the workout plan will burn fat and provide you with lean muscle. With face-paced series improves your metabolism and raises your heart rate.

Workout Plan for Getting a Bikini Body

The plan is quite simple, and you just need a pair of dumbbells for some workouts. If you use lighter weights, then perform as many reps as possible in 50 seconds. After that, take 10 seconds break. If you use heavier weight, do as many repetitions as you can in 30 seconds and then take a 30-second break. By performing all the following exercises in a week, you can achieve the figure of your dreams. 

1. Dumbbell Shot-put Press:

Carry the dumbbell in the right hand above the shoulder and place the right foot in front of the left one.

 Dumbbell Shot-put Press

Bend your knees slightly and move the right heel. Drive the weight overhead and let the left foot turn 180 degrees. Then move to the normal position. It is one repetition and changes sides while doing the set. Here the thigh muscles become stronger.

2. Sumo Deadlift Shuffle:

Hold one side of the heavier dumbbell through both the hands and straighten the arms hanging downwards in front of you.

Sumo Deadlift Shuffle

Stand making your feet shoulder-width apart. The toes will turn out slightly. Then bend needs and push hips backward like performing squats. Lower yourself till your dumbbell reaches the ground, and then push off your one leg to bring the feet together. Then repeat it 15 times on the other leg too. Alternate legs in every rep. 

3. Side Lunge:

In this workout, the emphasis is on the lower body and carving out the curves. You have to stand straight and take a step sideways with a leg.

Side Lunge

Place your feet wide apart and then go downwards towards another leg. Here one leg will be stretched, and the body pressure will shift to another leg that is slightly bent. Repeat it on each side 10 times.

4. T-Lunge Knee: 

This workout helps in toning the legs and strengthening the thigh muscles. Stand on the right leg and bend your upper half of the body, making a 90 degree with the right leg.

 T-Lunge Knee

Then slowly lift your left leg straight towards the back while slightly bending the right knee. From that position, extend the arms forwards and stand in that position for a few seconds. After that, return back to normal position and repeat it 10 times on each side.

5. Side Planks Archer rows:

Rest your hands on dumbbells and get into the pushup position. Put your feet apart a little more than hip-width.

Side Planks Archer rows

Raise your left-hand weight towards the side of your chest and rotate to the left like doing a left side plank. Then return to the initial position. Switch sides every time. With this, your core muscles will be strengthened.


With the above-mentioned bikini workout, you can be ready to get a slim figure. When you practice all the exercises, you will get amazed at the speed at which you lose fat and achieve a toned body with an hourglass shape. Try these workouts for some time and notice the transformation.

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