Best Home-Based Simple Workout Plan: Achieving A Fit Body!

While thinking about a workout plan, most people think only about resistance training and strenuous cardio at the gym. However, the fact is that you do not need to go out or use expensive equipment to build muscles or lose weight.

For achieving a fit body, you can practice some simple workouts at your home. If you perform the exercise regularly and correctly, it can be as effective as a gym workout. No matter if you have experience in doing workouts or are a beginner, these easy to practice exercises is great for everyone.

Types Of Simple Workout Plan: Practice At Home

The workout plan focuses on larger muscles that can facilitate core strength and stability. Here you do not require any equipment and do the exercises in one workout session. First, start with some warm-up exercises like walking.

Target to practice 2 to 3 sets of 10 reps of every exercise. You may feel slightly shaky during the final repetition. But after the final rep, you can take a rest for a few seconds and then begin working out again. Every week, increase the sets of reps. Here are five exercises for your home workout session.

Best Home-Based Simple Workout Plan

Types Of Home-Based Simple Workout Plan

1. Lunges:

The exercise strengthens your thighs and glute muscles. It is a simple set of back lunges where you can use a chair or wall for balancing yourself if needed. Begin with standing straight while placing your hands on the chair. Then bend your right leg to a 90-degree angle. Your left knee should become parallel to the ground. Then come back to normal positions and repeat it with the other leg. You can alternate legs each time as well and try it without any support. 


2. Push-Ups:

For a perfect figure, push-up is a crucial exercise. Get on the ground on all fours where the hands are placed shoulder-length apart. Slightly bend the elbows and extend the legs back to balance your body with hands and toes. Contract the abs and tighten the core by pulling the belly to your spine. Inhale while bending your elbows and lowering yourself towards the ground. Exhale when you push back to raise up. You can try other variations if it is difficult for you. Dropping the knees to the ground and doing push up is an easier variation.


3. Planks:

It is an exercise that works on the abdominal muscles and supports the back. Start with facing down to the floor with forearms and toes on the ground. Place your elbows in a position where it is under the shoulders. Keep your head relaxed and look towards the floor. Draw the abdominal muscles towards your spine and keep the torso straight. Your body should be in a straight line and hold the plank position for 10 seconds. After that, release yourself to the floor. Slowly increase the time for staying in the plank position to 60 seconds.


4. Squats:

Squat position impacts the lower body muscles and shapes thighs as well as buttocks. To perform this, stand in a position where your feet are wider than hip-width, and the toes face front. Push your hips backward while bending the knees and ankles. Sit in the position by keeping the heels and toes on the floor. Make your keen bent to a 90-degree angle and practice as if you sit in a chair.


5. Jump Lunge:

For this exercise, you have to step forwards with the right foot. Bent your left knee parallel to the ground in such a way that both knees are at a 90-degree angle. Then jump and alternate the legs. With ten reps of each side, you can achieve a better figure.

Jump Lunge


For creating a balanced workout session, practice these exercises two to three times a week. After doing the workouts for some time, the success can be measured in inches. You will witness a change in the way you look and feel.

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