Viva Slim Reviews – Is It An Effective Solution For Weight oss

Hello readers, If you have not heard about Viva Slim reviews and supplements before or you want to know more about this weight loss supplement, let me explain everything in my detailed Viva Slim review.

Viva Slim Reviews – When Dressing Up, Is Your Waistline Fat Making You Ugly?

As obesity and overweight issues are increasing day by day, many companies are coming up with their weight loss supplement, which claims to cut extra weight and fat around the waistline.

Some of them are legit, but some of them do not seem promising and can cause any serious issue. So, before choosing any supplement, make sure you go through their customer reviews, reviews of experts, and the ingredients. It is best to consult a doctor before taking any supplement.

I purchased the Viva Slim supplement 8 months ago and thought that I should share my experience. I am going to analyze every aspect of the supplement in this Viva Slim review. I hope it will help you understand Viva Slim better

Viva Slim Reviews
Product Name Viva Slim
Health BenefitsHelps to eliminate unwanted body fats
Ingredients L-Ornithine, L-Glutamine, Maca, and much more
Country Of OriginUSA
Product Features GMO- Free, GMP Certified
Category Weight Loss
Dosage3 Times A Day
Result2-3 Months
Side Effects No Major Side Effects Reported Till Date
Quantity 60-ML
Multipack Available in I bottle, 3 bottles, and 6 bottles
Official WebsiteClick here

What Is Viva Slim?

Viva Slim is a natural weight loss supplement in liquid form which is made from 12 plant extracts and vitamins.

This supplement increases metabolism and helps to maintain the normal cholesterol level. It allows pounds of unhealthy fat to meltdown and gives you a flat stomach.

This formula helps to open up the ‘Cytokine gate’, which allows the fat to get out from your cells. By using Viva Slim, you can have a slim stomach, fat-free face, neck and cheeks, and defined arms and thighs.

About The Manufacturer Of Viva Slim Dietary Supplement

Viva Slim supplement is owned by Simple Promise company. The company claims that Viva Slim has passed through many tests and they refined it various times to make it easier, safer, and more useful.

Simple Promise states that Viva Slim is processed in cGMP-certified facilities to ensure that the product has no adulterations. It doesn’t contain any kind of chemicals.

They also give a money-back guarantee if the product doesn’t work and deliver Viva Slim worldwide without any delivery charge.

What Additives Are Present In Viva Slim?

Viva Slim supplement has 12 plant extracts and vitamins.

  • L-Ornithine- L- Ornithine has been shown as a detoxifying product for the body and maintains fat-less muscle, which is the most powerful natural fat burner of your body.
  • L-Carnitine- L-Carnitine is  shown in a big meta-analysis of 9 randomized studies that  “subjects who received carnitine lost significantly more weight.”
  • Maca- It is a nutritious Peruvian herb which may increase energy level, boosts your mood and improves cognitive function, which can help you to become more productive.
  • L-Arginine- It is shown in a study of 33 patients that it significantly reduces body weight and waistline and can be used in the treatment of obesity.
  • Beta Alanine- It may boost energy levels. Also, it helps to maintain lean muscle mass. So that your body can burn more fat while resting.
  • L-Glutamine- It is a powerful amino acid. In a study of 20 women, it led to significant weight loss,  also a better insulin regulation.

The product contains 4 additional nutrients and is Niacin, African Plum Bark, Rhodiola, and Astragalus.

Viva Slim Ingredients

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How Well Viva Slim Weight Loss Drops Works?

VivaSlim supplement has some natural ingredients which are scientifically proven may increase metabolism rate in the body, which will help in melting and burning stored fats to reduce weight.

By detoxifying the body, improving lean muscle mass, and preventing fat gain, the  Viva Slim may help you to get a thinner body.

Some of the product’s ingredients help your body in unlocking the ‘Cytokine gate’, which if locked, stores fat in the cells. The product may suppress cravings and may also improve cognitive function. VivaSlim claims that this supplement, in the right amounts, will work to enhance weight loss and control insulin levels, lower BMI, fight brain fog, enhance cholesterol profile, and boost immunity.

What Benefits Are We Getting From Viva Slim?

VivaSlim has some of these benefits if taken in the right amount regularly. All the benefits that are mentioned below are not according to their website but according to my experience and their customer’s review.

  • It may melt down fat deposits from the body. As it helps the ‘Cytokine gate’ to open up, fats can come out from cells.
  • Gives you a flat tummy
  • Suppress appetite.
  • Unlike other weight loss products, Viva Slim gives you a tight and glowing skin after losing weight.
  • Increase energy levels, fight brain fog, and control insulin levels.
  • Defined arms and thighs and strong nails
  • It also helps to control cholesterol level as well.
  • The manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee.
  • Because of certain ingredients, Viva Slim will provide you more energy and help you to become more productive.

Is There Any Aftereffects For Viva Slim?

Simple Promise, the manufacturer of Viva Slim, claims it has no serious side effects.

As it is made from natural ingredients, including 12 plant extracts and vitamins, no consumers complain about anything serious.

Check the ingredients; if you are allergic to any of those, stay away from them.

How Much Need To Be Taken & How To Use It?

You need to consume 10 drops along with water twice a day.

You can see improvements in 7 days. By 3 months, you can see healthy weight loss and after 6 months, your ‘Cytokine gate’ will open up fully and all your store fat will get melted. Viva Slim also guarantees 365 days of money back. If you aren’t satisfied with Viva Slim, write them 365 days later, and they will return all your money back.

Does Viva Slim Promises To Deliver Better Results?

As per Simple Promise’s claim, Viva Slim will start showing results within 7 days.

But for a complete result, you have to consume it regularly and as per instruction for at least 3 months. Some customers complain that Viva Slim is not showing any results after using it for some days. But, as per studies, any supplement needs 2-3 months to show results. So, it is recommended to consume Viva Slim twice daily for at least 3 months to get results. And for the complete result, you need to consume a Viva Slim supplement for 6 months.

If you follow this, the results will stay for a long period, like 1-2 years, as per research. But you need to follow a good lifestyle and healthy eating habits for any supplement to work properly.

Is It Legit?

Viva Slim is a legit product as it contains natural ingredients, including 12 plant extracts and vitamins. Also, the Viva Slim reviews from customers are another proof of its legitimacy.

The Viva Slim supplement is manufactured in cGMP-certified facilities and is free from any adulterations. Also, as they claim, there are no chemicals. There is no complaint about any serious side effects from any customer. Though it’s a strong supplement for weight loss, it’s free from any serious side effects. As mentioned above in the Viva Slim reviews, the company guarantees 100% money back after 365 days if it doesn’t work.

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What Consumers Are Saying About This Dietary Supplement?

The majority of the Viva Slim customer reviews I came across were quite positive. According to the customer reviews, the Viva Slim supplement seems legit and I also feel the same. They said that Viva Slim helped them to get back their thinner body as if they were in their twenties.

Also, they feel that their unnecessary cravings are in control. Also, unlike other weight loss products, they get tight skin after losing so much fat. Of course, there were one or two complaints from a few customers who were not satisfied with the supplement after a month’s use. But, as per research, you need to consume any supplement for at least 2-3 months to get results.

  But after following every guideline, there are few customers who don’t get results. And this is understandable because sometimes it happens, especially in the case of natural products. As mentioned above in the Viva Slim reviews, Not every person has the same type of body, and not every type of body can consume every product. 

And from what I hear, these customers were fully refunded. Considering Viva Slim is a natural supplement, it would be more prudent to stick to it, at least for the recommended period, if you really want to see results.

If I talk about my experience, it definitely works and fulfills almost every claim. And I got a satisfying result.

Viva Slim Customer Reviews

Viva Slim Cost, Value & Availability

You will get Viva Slim in 1 bottle, 3 bottles, and 6 bottles packages.

Per bottle is for $ 89.00/- But on the website, you will get 50% off and after the discount, Viva Slim is now for only $49.

1 bottle of Viva Slim lasts you for 1 month. And you need to consume this supplement for 6 months to see the complete result. So, it can be beneficial if you buy the 6 bottles package as there is a discount.

Also, there are many fake websites that are selling the wrong products with the same name. So, if you are buying a Viva Slim supplement, make sure you buy from their official website. Otherwise, you can’t claim any money back.

They are delivering the supplement within 5-7 days, depending on your location, without any delivery charge. For the pandemic situation, it is only available for online transactions currently.

Bottom Line On Viva Slim Reviews

Viva Slim has proved itself. It has shown some remarkable results. From the positive reviews of the mass, it could be said that the product has a goodwill in the market. Since I have been using this for the past 8 months, I have something to share with you.

Honestly speaking, I have seen some satisfactory results after using this slimming supplement. After analyzing every aspect of the Viva Slim reviews, I have come to a conclusion.

This is a legit product and very safe to use, and it will work just the way they have claimed.

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