Does Foot Exercise Improve Your Overall Foot Health?

Keeping your feet healthy is important. We can’t express how inevitable the feet are in our lives. Carrying us from place to place, bearing the body weight. They are doing a lot more.

Does Foot Exercise Improve Your Overall Foot Health?

 Everyone should include foot exercises in their workout regime. Foot exercises are known to reduce the risk of any major injuries and they help to reduce the soreness and pain from the feet. The best foot exercises are running, walking, jogging etc. These exercises will help in the proper functioning of the foot and they help to improve the overall health.

Does Foot Exercise Improve Your Overall Foot Health?

This article contains a list of some prominent foot exercises that are known to improve the overall health of the body along with enhancing the functioning of your foot.

Walking: It is the best exercise one can give to their foot. Walking improves flexibility by the full range motion of the foot. They not only help in improving foot health, but they also help to improve overall health. It helps in the enhancement of cardiovascular health, boosts blood circulation, helps to tone your muscle and enlightens the mood.

Other stretching and muscle strengthening include:

Sand walking: Walking barefoot on the sand is harder than walking on the roads and paths. This is a healthy exercise everyone can follow. Find places that have sand, preferably you can go to the beachside for a change of atmosphere. Along with improving foot health. This will improve your mood too. Sand walking helps to strengthen the calf muscles, aiding in the process of improving foot health.

Rolling over a ball: Rolling your bare feet against a hardball might reduce the soreness of the legs. This technique helps to improve the blood flow and helps to reduce the effects of arch pain. Other than the two exercises mentioned before, to do this exercise you have to sit in a chair. After making yourself comfortable in the chair. Start to apply pressure against the hardball and roll the feet on it. Increase and decrease the pressure according to your need. Continue the exercise for 10-15 minutes. This exercise will leave you with instant relief and will lessen the effects of fatigue.

Back and forth toe exercises: Start by sitting comfortably in a chair. Place your feet at the opposite thigh and then grab your toe fingers, push them back and forth; towards the bottom portion of the feet and to the upper part. Doing this exercise will reduce heel pain. Repeat this exercise at least ten times and repeat on the other foot.

Tiptoe: This exercise will reduce the heel, toe, and ankle pain and improve its function. Stand on your legs to stretch the muscles on the bottom portion of your feet. At a time, stand on one foot and apply the pressure on the other foot by doing the tip-toe motion, and come back to the rest position. Do it ten times and repeat it for the other foot.

Stretch the foot using a band: This exercise will reduce heel pain and improve blood circulation. To do the exercise you need a band and should sit in a chair. Tie one end of the band on some still, heavy material such as furniture and place your foot on the other end of the band. Place the band on the forefoot area and then stretch. Do it 10 times and then relax. Repeat on the next foot.

Raise and curl: Sit in a chair and place your feet against the ground. Slightly raise the toe part and start to curl the toes. Repeating this 10 -15 times will improve blood circulation and improve the soreness of the legs.

Other than the exercises, foot massages are also known to enhance the flexibility of the foot along with better blood circulation. massaging your toes, forefoot, ankle and heels for sure will improve the proper functioning.

So, doing at least one or two exercises from the list every day will surely improve your foot health. You can notice changes in the flexibility of the foot as well as the reduction of soreness. so, start including these exercises in your workout regime and improve blood circulation. 

Other than the exercises, foot massages are also known to enhance the flexibility of the foot along with better blood circulation.

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