Day 1 – The 30 Day Paleo Challenge

Welcome to The CrossFit Love 30 Day Paleo Challenge

In the past few days, the 30 Day Paleo Challenge has received a great amount of attention. As you can imagine, I am very excited to make this happen. The true purpose of any CrossFit Love challenge is to bring us together, to learn and grow as a community. It is this very community that has brought me great knowledge and experience as a strength and conditioning coach. And since I have learned and experienced so much, I want to help you! Through the 30 days you can expect expert interviews, delicious recipes, strong opinions, fun giveaways, and much more. I wont give to much away today because that is the way I roll. Today’s post is an attempt to motivate you towards a positive life change!

1. What the hell do I eat? Simply consume lean grass-feed meats, wild caught fish and seafood, local organic vegetables (greener the better), a little fruit, and high quality fats like nuts, seeds, and oils. I get a lot of emails about people saying this way of eating is boring. They do not know what to eat, they are sick of eating the same thing, so on and so forth. First, you need to learn to expand your horizons. Try new foods, different combinations, and experiment with spices. There are many Paleo recipe blogs, sites, and books out there. Just do a little research and experimentation. Please share your sites, blogs etc. on my comments.

2. The worst excuse  . . . I don’t have timeOne word . . Bullshit. You need to make time, its your body, health, and life. You only get one so don’t screw it up. To sustain a healthy diet, you need to prepare. On Sundays, I do most of my shopping. I plan what I am going to eat through out the week and buy that amount. People who waste food should be taken out back and shot. Prepare several meals at one time to save time and so you do not have that “What should I eat?” feeling. I literally know what I am going to eat all day, every day. What is your excuse?!?

3. I need my sweetener in my coffee, Joe! Fine your a drug addict then and you should get help. You do not need bread, ice cream, artificial sweeteners, etc. It’s just a bad habit, NOW break it!

4. Why am I not losing weight on the Paleo Diet? I do a fair amount of nutritional online counseling. The number one reason I see people not losing weight is excess carb consumption. Fruits and vegetables are carbs, they are quality carbs, but still carbs. To maximize your fat loss, keep your carb consumption under a 100 grams per day. If you can manage to get them under 50 grams, you ll be burning fat like nobody’s business. Keep a food journal if you want an experts advice.

5. Get some sleep. Sleep in a blacked out room, 8 – 9 hours, with no led alarm clocks, and do not to watch tv in your bedroom. Your bedroom should be for two things. :) Seriously, those who are watching tv in there rooms need to reconsider.

6. Kids – The childhood obesity rate is raising every single year. It makes me sick. And guess who is to blame, the parents are. Parents are in control of what their kids put into their mouths. If your feeding your kids bagels, cereal, pancakes, popcorn, pizza, candy, etc. your setting them up for failure. Think about all those problems your having with your weight and self esteem. Now your passing them on to your children. Fucking smart.

This is a 30 day healing process, if you cheat, your cheating yourself. One cheat will throw off the whole cleansing and restoration process. Don’t break on me, you can do it, just put your mind to it! I am here to help, you can ask me questions here on the blog, facebook, twitter (#paleolove), etc. If we all help each other this could be great. I want to see ideas, recipes, and knowledge shared! And stay tuned everyday for some really awesome posts!

Get Some.

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