Some Proven Tricks To Enhance Your Grip Strength

Oops! I lost my grip again! This could be a common whine that comes from you every day. Ever wondered what might be the reason you drop everything, even a bag of groceries? Then you are not alone. Lots and lots of people are losing their grip usually, either when carrying something that is not much heavy or simply doing their daily chores. 

Grip strength is important as you need it every time. It should be within your hands all the time as it is a responsible factor in each of your actions. If you are pretty conscious of your fitness and wellness, your grip strength is one of the most crucial prerequisites that you should not be ignored. Just because it actively determines your performance level. Being a fitness lover, it is necessary to be with a perfect grip, and your forearms, biceps, hands, and even your fingers all together have a great role behind it. 

Some Proven Tricks To Enhance Your Grip Strength

As someone who loses grip or lacks grip strength, you might be disgusted with life. But, for your relief, it is something that is not impossible to regain back. With constant practice, you can enhance yourself. And there are a lot of simple ways that you can do without much effort to improve it. 

Here are a lot of simple tips to improve your grip strength, just have a glance at each of them. I am sure they will give you a helping hand and boost the quality of your life.

Some Proven Tricks To Enhance Your Grip Strength

Tips To Boost Crush Grip

Your ability to squeeze something with your fingers and palm is just called a crush grip. It is inevitable while you shake hands, holding medium to heavyweights, climbing on something, and many other actions. You can improve it with a few moves like: 

  • Hand clench 

Clench a stress ball often using your fingers and release. You will notably improve your grip strength as you do this 100 times a day. 

  • Grip clench 

Take a spring-loaded hand grip trainer and squeeze it as much as possible to make a fist. For 2-3 seconds, you have to hold this before you release it. You can do this as three sets of 10 repetitions each with both of your hands. 

Tips To Improve Support Grip

Whenever you carry or hold things for a longer period of time, it is essential to have a better support grip. This ability is necessary while doing laundry, carrying a bag full of groceries, or any such actions. Where are some tricks to build on your support grip? 

  • Dead hang

With the help of a pull-up bar, hang your body for a while making your hand stay like a perfectly straight line. If you are doing it for the first time, try aiming to stay in this position for 10 seconds. You can gradually expand this time up to 1:30 – 2 minutes.  

  • Bucket carry

Take a 5-gallon plastic bucket, and fill it with anything that weighs 50-70 pounds, if you are a man. For women, the ideal weight is 30-50 pounds. After filling it with the required weight, place the bucket in front of you. Do a squat but raise it by holding the bucket with both of your hands and lifting it up to the level of your chest. 

You can also place the bucket on your palms, holding it, placing one palm after the other, and walk as much as you can. 

Tips To Enhance Your Pinch Grip

It refers to the grip strength hidden in your fingertips. You need it in almost every action that you do with your hands including opening the lids of jars, throwing objects, and holding things. 

To improve this strength, you can follow certain moves like:

  • Plate pinch 

Take a plate that weighs 10 pounds or more and place it on the ground standing up and balanced before you. Do a squat, and grab the plate using only your fingertips on the right hand. When you stand up, you should be holding the plate between your fingers. Do another squat and place the plate back on the ground. Repeat this move ten times and also do it with the left hand. 

  • Pinch grip transfer                                     

Hold a 10-pound plate with the fingertips of all the five fingers in your right hand and bring it in front of your chest. Remember to keep the hand straight and transfer it to the left hand. Bring down your left hand and bring it up keeping your left hand straight before the chest. Now transfer it to the right hand just like you did before. You can repeat this transfer of the plate in three sets of ten transfers each. 

Apart from all the above tricks, you can also try certain other movies that give focus on the muscles of your forearms. This will help you improve all types of grip strength. To enhance your overall grip you can try dumbbell wrist curl and reverse barbell curl too. But, before you do any stunts with weights you need to seek the advice of your trainer especially if you are a beginner. He will suggest you hold the weights according to your capacity. 

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