Some Simple Exercises To Relieve Joint Pain

Joint pain is a very common ailment that affects millions of people all over the world. It can oftentimes become debilitating and severely impact a person’s mobility, ability to work, and quality of life. But some simple exercises can help to keep the joints mobile, reduce stiffness and pain. 

Simple Everyday Exercises For The Joints

Some Simple Exercises To Relieve Joint Pain

👉 Shoulder rolls-

People with sedentary jobs who sit at a desk for long hours every day often experience stiffness in their shoulder joints. Shoulder rolls are a good remedy for this problem. The person needs to stand straight with their arms at their sides. Then they will have to roll their shoulder forward and backward ten times each. This can be done any time during the day to keep the shoulder from getting too stiff. 

👉 Side bends-

Another area of the body that becomes painful and sore after long hours of sitting in the waist. In order to reduce pain in the hip joints, side bends are recommended. The person has to stand straight with their feet spread at shoulder width. They will then raise their left hand above their head and start bending to the right at the waist. The right hand will start moving down along the right leg. The same process can be repeated on the other side. Each bend should be maintained for 10 seconds. 

👉 Hip rolls-

In this exercise, a person lies down on their back with their legs spread. Then they turn both their right and left foot as well as their right and left knee inwards. Then they turn their foot and knees back to their original position. Hip rolls are a very easy exercise and can be practiced anytime a person is lying down. 

Simple Everyday Exercises For The Joints

👉 Leg extensions-

Knee pain is one of the most common types of joint pain that are reported among patients. A simple exercise for the knee is leg extensions. The person needs to sit up straight in a chair with their foot firmly on the ground and at hip-width. Then the person will look straight and raise one leg as high off the ground as possible without rising up from the chair. The buttocks should not leave the chair. This process can be repeated a few times for both legs. 

👉 Trunk rotation-

This is another simple exercise that can provide almost immediate relief for sore joints. The person needs to lie on their back with knees bent upwards. Then the person will slowly move both knees towards the surface on the left. Then the person will again slowly move up to their original position with the knees bent straight upwards. The same process will then be repeated again on the right. These trunk rotations can be repeated at least five times on each side. 

👉 Hand exercises-

Many people often suffer from pain in their wrist and their fingers. This can be combated by regularly exercising the different hand joints. People can just sit somewhere and curl their wrist upwards and downward a few times. Squeezing a stress ball is also a good method to improve strength and flexibility in the hands. 

👉 Walking-

Walking is one of the best exercises for joint pain. It exercises the hands, the legs, and the hips and keeps them mobile. But it is also not too intensive that it will further damage these joints. Multiple studies have reported that people who take walks regularly suffer less from joint pain, cardiovascular conditions, and many other ailments. 

There are many other exercises that people can do to keep their joints healthy and pain-free. But people with co-morbidities or other conditions which cause severe joint pain should consult a doctor before they introduce any new exercises. 

 Simple Everyday Exercises For The Joints


People who suddenly develop serious joint pain should consult a doctor immediately as it can be the symptom of some underlying condition. Joint pain is a difficult problem and can make it difficult for many people to enjoy life, but with proper treatment, medication, and exercise one can manage joint pain and lead a pain-free life. Regular exercises of the joints from a young age are also important to reduce the chances of developing joint pain later in life. 

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