Joint Replacement – What To Expect?

Most joints in the body such as those of the all-important shoulders, knees or elbows and hips are made up of a ball and bearing which is a rough equivalent in calcium. This calcium is made into white bones. These bones have a liquid inside the ball and bearing like in mechanical devices we have grease. This is a very crude way to visualize how joints work mostly.

Joint Replacement – What Are the Solutions And How To Heal Faster?

When a joint is partially or wholly damaged inflammation or sharp needle like pain occurs in it’s use or even in a lay condition. Joints are critical to movement and even in old people where ambulation is limited or not required for a living, the pain or disability in joints becomes very disappointing. 

Joint Replacement
Drawing of a total hip-joint replacement. XXL size image.

Joints are maintained by exercise and proper nutrition and correct choices in everything else. Exercise means the a simple Mountain Pose Yogic breathing and posture. Or a knee bending exercise must be done. Technology driven Amazon e-commerce company teaches this everyday to it’s employees in the warehouses of products and available to observe on Youtube videos of it’s visit.

Nutrition means women who are above 40 do not create more calcium and thus are very susceptible to bone repair problems if they are harmed in any way. Men on the other hand, have rampant use of these joints and require adequate calcium through milk and milk products at the least.

For women to use milk supplements is a good idea, keeping in mind the rising liver damage that also may occur if too much of these supplements reach this body.

Joint replacement


At the shoulder there are two main techniques to replace the joint with a prosthesis so as to create more functional life of that part of the body. At the shoulder, the first techniques prevents any damage to a marked place in the shoulder called the deltoid. On another technique, this is not considered and done transdeltoid. The choice is decided by the surgeon who takes up the case.


In hip replacement, there is a possibility for total or partial replacement with a prosthesis. While at times only a part of the femoral head is replaced, at others complete replacement of the femoral head is done. The joint replacement of the hip is the most common of all the surgeries in this category. It is most susceptible to due to use of marble, granite and other floor materials that old people may take time to be accustomed to. A fall to the floor mostly hits the hips first. Even in the current year, many celebrities who are older are seen to take this surgery.


Knee replacement requires use of more impactful material. Whether metal or cement is used to fortify the joint is a decision with the surgeon. Knees require very strong force as they prevent very drastic organ damages on a possible fall.

Joint Problems


Ankle replacement requires Arthrodesis or arthroplasty. The former is a newer more novel method while the latter is a more conventional and old method. 


Finger replacement is a very procedure requiring just 30 minutes to do, and about six months of therapy to ease that with possibility of requiring to wear finger splints. 

Before And After The Surgery

Joint replacement must be consulted with a surgeon after a visit to a orthopedist. The orthopedist after X-ray and other nutritional balances will ascertain if the person is healthy for the surgery. Thereafter the surgeon discusses the best way to a surgery as several types of more than one method available. Then, after blood checks such as blood pressure and glucose checks, the surgery is carried out by the surgeon. 

Post-surgery procedures such as a correction, or therapy to ensure proper physiological health is maintained by asking for physiotherapy or exercises at home are done. Once that is completed the person becomes fit and fine to move back to normal daily life. 

Surgeries are best avoided unless necessary and when so, must be done to the clock of the doctors. If delayed there can be severe loss to the concerned area of the skeletal system and may require more steps to work by the doctor, adding to the costs and work for the patients and doctors.

All surgeries are best done at an experienced and certified medical facility. 

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