How To Build Muscle At Home Without Equipment In 30 Days?

In today`s world, staying fit is one of the most important things. With the gym`s closed during this pandemic season, many people are trying many different routines to stay fit and in shape.

How To Build Muscle At Home Without Equipment In 30 Days?

The first and foremost thing in getting a healthy muscular body is your diet and your stubbornness in achieving the target. There are many ways in which one can build their body at home, but many of those include investing a lot in equipment and protein powder, and other stuff which is too costly for a middle-class person.

How To Build Muscle At Home Without Equipment

Below are listed the various methods which can help you build a Muscular body at home:

  • Jogging or Running – Running is considered the best form of exercise in which the whole body participates and all the muscles moves. This exercise increases your stamina and it is advised, you start first by walking or jogging and after few days you will feel energetic and then you can start running. Running helps you build your leg muscles and your cardiovascular system.
  • Push Ups – This is the most effective and best method to build your upper body, especially your shoulders, chest and arms. Push ups should be carried out in sets like a set of 2 or 4. You can change your form by trying new forms of push ups as you improve through the course like one hand push up, clap push ups and many more.
  • Crunches – Crunches are the most effective exercise for your waist and stomach. Crunches are used to build abdomen muscles and to get rid of belly fat. For beginners it is advisable to do only 5-10 crunches a day and later on you can increase the count as you become more comfortable.
  • Pull Ups – Pull ups are considered as one of the best and the hardest exercises. This builds up all your upper body muscles from back, arms, chest and shoulders. It is advisable to get some support during the initial tries and once you master you can also do Chin ups as they are considered best for building muscles at home without any equipment.
  • Squats – This is considered as the master of all the exercises. Squats helps you build your legs and back at the same time. In the starting phase it is advisable only to do a limited number of squats and in later stages you can put a weight on your shoulder while doing the squats and gradually increase the weight.
  • Advanced Exercise – There are some advance exercises which you can do without any equipment’s which is chin up, plank, I sit, and mountain climbers are few to begin with.

Key Points to remember while training without equipment:

Do warm-up first – You should warm up your body before starting your exercise as this will relieve any stress and loosen you up.

Train consistently – Once started try to follow the roadmap you had set up for yourself and be consistent with your exercises.

Keep note of your activities – You should always note what you have done and how much you have progressed since you started this routine as this will help you evaluate your key points, strengths, and weaknesses.

Diet Tips for Muscle Gain

Diet is as important as your exercises for your body. You need roughly around 1000 to 1500 calories every day for your daily needs and building a muscular body.

  • Get more Carb – Carbs are high source of calories because of high concentration of carbohydrates in them. This will increase your calorie intake and get you on the run.
  • Nuts – Nuts have various proteins and vitamins in them, making them the powerhouse of food.
  • Salad – Salads are always the best thing for people who are vegan or even not vegan as they provide the same nutrition which Carbs provide.
  • Peanut Butter – Peanut butter for breakfast can give you around 120 calories at every 20grams. This is because peanut butter contains unsaturated fat.
  • Fruits – Fruits are all time preferred food items as they have very high amounts of minerals and good amount of calories. A normal fruit like banana contains 200 calories in them.
  • Water – The most important thing is to keep your body hydrated at all times, as water is the basis for all the diet.

Considering all the above diet and exercise one can make up their routine for getting a muscular body without any equipment.

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