Five Common Fitness Myths That May Mislead You

Fitness and wellness are the essential segments in life to make you live well with great quality. You seem to do your best to achieve these, aiming to live your life to the fullest. You put the maximum effort to do things correctly to reach ideal and perfect results. But at the same time, you see a significant number of people around you just go wrong and god knows whether they actually aim for fitness or not. Apparently, this is just the result of their wrong concepts and myths they have filled themselves with. And these myths are common and a significant number of people blindly believe them being unaware that they are certainly mistaken. Who knows if you also are one among them or have any false visions on fitness or not. 

Common Fitness Myths That May Mislead You

So here, I have come up with a list of the most common myths on fitness that people around the world are unaware of that is actually misleading.

Five Common Fitness Myths That May Mislead You

1 I Can Exercise Just To Tone My Muscles

When hitting the gym, or in your usual chats with other fitness lovers, you may hear someone proudly utter it, ” I am doing it just to tone my muscles”. But to aim at toning your muscles, you need to burn fat first, don’t you think so? And your diet also plays a great role in it. In a similar way people, especially women tend to focus on a particular area to tone up or to remove fat. However, in the journey to achieve fitness, it is another myth as your body burns fat according to your overall fitness levels, but not on small muscle fatigue.

2 Stretching My Body Is Compulsory Before I Start  Working Out

 As you see, most of the workout videos available on YouTube begin with this session. And you seem to believe that it is inevitable too because they would prevent injuries and enhance performance. But do you know, in reality, stretching is done just to maintain or improve the range of motion throughout your joints? What it can do with reducing the risk of injuries and improving your performance levels is still to be finalized by science. Though some studies said it is actually worth doing it to have a better experience while working out, it doesn’t mean that you have to do it every time. Besides, the reason finding of the fitness industry says stretching a cold body can bring negative impacts. Because when you force your cool muscles to relax by overextending them, a surge of stress hormones will occur throughout your body. And this could be the just opposite of what you would expect to get after stretching your muscles. 

But at the same time, beginning your workouts right away will not be good for you. You can try a pre-workout warming-up session instead of stretching. But, this has to be with a cardiovascular move to get you good blood flow and perfect warmth. 

3 Running On A Treadmill Is Not As Effective As Usual Running On Pavements

You believed it, right? Maybe because it seems quite logical that running on a paved, rough, and hard road is totally just the opposite of running on a uniform and soft plain of the treadmill. But, why don’t you think that your legs are also moving uniformly without any interruption and you can also adjust the pace?  Or won’t it make you move consistently according to your needs?

 I am not saying that both of them are similar, but the effects they bring are different, but both are undoubtedly good for you. 

4 Muscle Soreness Determines The Efficacy Of Your Workout

Muscle soreness is a common condition you may experience soon after an effective workout. But in case you don’t feel any such pain even after a heavy workout, it doesn’t mean that you didn’t do enough. Muscle soreness can be a sign that you have overworked your muscles beyond your capacity. And it is not good for you to aim at it while working out. Your sole goal is to stay fit not to hurt yourself every day.

5 Weight Training Will Turn You Into A Hulk

If you believe this, I willI tell you, it is the most “popular” myth in the fitness world. No matter why you get into this because you see bodybuilders do it every time since ages before. However, weight training is an essential part of any workout routine. Powerlifting will indeed make you a hulk, but only when you especially aim and train to be one. 

 Moreover, there are a number of ways it will benefit you;

  •  It would improve your  heart health, 
  • Enhances the functions of your joints, muscles, and bones,
  •  Upgrades your metabolism, 
  • Promotes calorie burn, 
  • Improves your posture  and 
  • Overall, make you stronger and let you have good stamina. 

As everything you believe cannot be true, there could be many things with which you may end up with wrong habits. Just like the way you tend to believe in fitness myths. For it’s been a long time you are being mistaken, it’s time to get rid of such misleading assumptions and reach fitness with healthy practices.

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