Colima Sea Salt Reviews – Ava Jane’s Sea Salt With 80 Trace Minerals?

Ever since the early days, salt has been a commodity of great importance. Colima Sea Salt reviews will give you details about sea salt that is natural and handmade. The Colima sea salt is no different. This salt has an intense flavor that can be used in many dishes for people who are looking to add more flavor to their life. Now, salt is one mineral on the dining table that we all take for granted.

Colima Sea Salt Reviews – Is It Better Than The Ordinary Sea Salt?

For centuries, we have been consuming sea salt made from the distillation of seawater. And, it is also an element that is much needed for your body to function properly. This Colima Sea Salt review will go into detail about what makes this specific type of salt so special and why it’s worth buying at your local grocery store or farmer’s market today!
What Makes Colima Sea Salt So Special? Read on.

Colima Sea Salt Reviews
Product NameColima Sea Salt
Category  Salt
ManufacturerJohn Cawrse
BrandAva Jane’s Kitchen
Item FormSalt flakes
Benefits100% Natural, unrefined salt
Bag size1/2 LB
Side EffectsNo side Effects Reported
Multipack1 Bag, 4 Bags, And 7 Bags.
Money-Back Guarantee365 Days
PriceFree trial (1 Penny)
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Colima Sea Salt?

Colima Sea Salt is known for its high mineral content that is believed to be present in volcanic origins. Magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, iron, zinc, and selenium are just some of the minerals found in Colima Sea Salts.  

It contains over 80 trace minerals. According to the manufacturer John Cawrse, Colima Sea Salts contain “the highest level of magnesium than any other unrefined salt.” And just like Himalayan and Himalayan black salts, Colima sea salt is believed to have an alkalinizing effect on one’s body chemistry. The founder assures that Colima salts help the body to maintain a more alkaline state as Colima salt is slightly more alkaline than most other salts.

Colima Sea Salt Manufacturer

Colima Sea Salt Manufacturer

Colima Sea Salt was discovered by American expatriate Mr. John Cawrse. John was freaked out upon learning how salt could contain dangerous plastics such as phthalates, etc, and wanted to find a way out of it. After a visit to the Cuyutlan Lagoon Saltpans, he knew Colima Sea Salt was the answer to his worries. John and a few friends formed “Ava Jane’s Kitchen” which sources, stores, and distributes the hand-harvested Colima Sea Salt. They import it directly from Cayutlan to American dining tables, enriching the flavors of the cuisine, as well as the health of their consumers. Today, Ava Jane’s Kitchen is hard-pressed to keep up with the demand, as the Cuyutlan climate allows for a very limited harvest period.

Features of Colima Sea Salt

  • 100% all-natural, unrefined, handmade, and hand-harvested sea salt
  • Colima Sea Salt is believed to be the highest magnesium mineral content of any unrefined salt.
  • Contains over 80 trace minerals.
  • The only sea salt harvested by hand.
  • It is recommended to use Colima Sea Salt as an additive in soaps and scrubs, bath bombs, bath salts, body polishes, bathing water treatments, essential oils for body care supplements.
  • Colima Sea Salt is 100% vegan
  • No filler, no chemicals.

What is special about Colima Sea Salt?

The Colima Sea Salt team has been working on a way to add an ingredient that can help clean up plastic from our food supply. That is the reason why they have partnered with major labs to research how microplastics get into our supplements and also ways to reduce or remove them completely from made products, including salt. They are currently gathering data from their research and continue to look for a solution by examining different filtration systems. But until a successful system is found, Colima Sea Salt comes without plastics according to what Colima salts claims on their site.

Colima Sea Salt Analysis Certificate

John Cawrse also goes on to say: “Plastics are literally everywhere – from our air, water, and food supply (everywhere!) – which is why Colima Salts decided to take the initiative to add an ingredient that can help clean up plastic from our food supply.” And he claims it was their mission when they started looking for natural solutions. Plastics are supposedly present in almost every ecosystem around the world.

Benefits of Colima Sea Salt

  • Contains no plastics.
  • 100% natural unrefined sea salt.
  • Colima Sea Salt is connected with the sea in a whole new way. 
  • Taste the salt of generations gone by.

How is Colima Sea Salt harvested?

The Colima Sea Salt team states that it is harvested by hand, just as other sea salts should be. The salt forms a crust on top of the water which prevents evaporation from taking place and allows for the continuous harvesting process to take its course. This means the workers have to break the crust so they can scoop out bagfuls of salt from the surface. The Colima Sea Salt team also claims that the harvesting methods are sustainable, which is why it is important to continue supporting them.

  • Harvested by hand.
  • Made with special tools.

Colima Sea Salt claims on their site that they are using traditional harvesting techniques, which include using wooden rakes and shovels made of reeds to harvest the salt crystals from the surface of almost untouched water. They also use simple harvesting tools that are handmade, which is why it is sustainable according to the Colima Sea Salt website.

Difference between Colima Sea Salt and Himalayan Salt

The main difference between Colima Sea Salt and Himalayan salt is that Colima Salts are not volcanic salts like Himalayan or Himalayan black salts. It is slightly different in terms of color but it does still offer the exact same benefits as other unrefined sea salts; it also contains magnesium which aids to alkalinize the body.

Besides, as per Ava Jane’s Colima Sea Salt reviews, it can be used for detoxification purposes by literally “flushing” out toxins from the body via perspiration during exercise. This salt is also great for bath salts, bath bombs, or baths. It helps with detoxification by drawing out toxins through the skin when taking a bath; it can also be mixed with Epsom salt (to replenish magnesium) to make the most of the benefits. It’s important to note that these salts should not be used before engaging in extreme physical activity or exercise as they may dehydrate you if your body is not used to them.

How much does Colima Sea Salt cost?

The price of Colima Sea Salt will vary depending on the package you choose. It is available in 3 different sizes:

  • 1 bag of Colima Sea Salt costs $0.01
  • 3 bags of Colima Sea Salt costs $29.98
  • 7 bags of Colima Sea Salt costs $59.95

How to use Colima Sea Salt?

Colima Sea Salts can be used in a variety of ways: you can add them to your bath, mix them with water or lemon juice and drink them as a detox drink or even put it on your food for added taste. Here are other simple suggestions as per Ava Jane’s Colima Sea Salt reviews: – Cook with Colima Salts instead of regular table/sea salt – use Colima Salt as a form of exfoliation – give yourself a Colima Salt facial or body scrub – use Colima Sea Salt as an aid for meditation/yoga practice – increase magnesium intake by adding Colima salts to Epsom salt baths.

Colima Sea Salt Customer Reviews and Complaints

There are thousands of families and individuals who have already made the switch to Colima Sea Salt. And they all vouch for the positive impact this small change has had on their lives. Various new Ava Jane’s Colima Sea Salt reviews of the Salt are published online every day. And most of these reviews have nothing but good to say about this brand of salt. You might find a review or two from those who would not consistently use it and have sustained the damages predicted by Colima Sea Salt creators. But, a majority of those who have switched to Colima Sea Salt could enjoy a more natural salt that does not contain harmful chemicals or plastics, etc. Additionally, none of the reviews mention a complaint or side effect of Colima Sea Salt. Users noticed no adverse effects arising from Colima Sea Salt or its usage. On the contrary, many have benefited greatly thanks to the pureness of the Colima Sea Salt.

Colima Sea Salt Customer Reviews

Does Colima Sea Salt has any Money-back guarantee?

Colima Sea Salt Money-back guarantee

Colima Sea Salt offers a 365-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked. According to their site, they are “so confident that you will be happy with your Colima Salts purchase that if for any reason you are not satisfied, please return the items within 365 days of receiving them for a full refund.” The team claims they do this because they know customers purchasing their supplements will be more than thrilled.

Summing Up: Colima Sea Salt Reviews

Colima Sea Salt is a great all-natural, unrefined sea salt to add to your food and bath for detoxification purposes. It can also be used as an exfoliator or body scrub if you like the way it feels on the skin. According to Colima Sea Salt reviews, it is toxin-free since there is only salt and water in them.

Besides, Colima Sea Salt is backed with a 100% money-back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with their purchase. So it’s really worth trying.

Frequently asked questions

  •  What does it taste like?

If you add Colima Sea Salt to your food, it has a slight taste of salt and the smell of seawater. If you add Colima Sea Salt to your bath or Epsom salt, it will not affect how your bath smells or tastes.

  • What does Colima salt smell like?

Colima salts smell exactly like seawater or the ocean air.

  • Is Colima salt good for you?

Colima salts are great for detoxification, skin exfoliation, or for a salt facial/body scrub if you like the way it feels on your skin. It’s also great for cooking, basically anything you would usually use salt for.

  • How many Colima salts should I take?

You can add Colima salts to your food on a daily basis, but you should not add Colima salt to your bath on a daily basis if you are detoxifying yourself – only when you feel the need to detox.

  • Where is Colima salt made?

Colima salts are hand-harvested by the team at Ava Jane’s Kitchen.

  • How is Colima salt different from sea salt?

Colima salts are not just regular sea salt, they are unrefined and hand-harvested.

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