All About Cremaster Muscle And Its Functions

It is quite amazing how the creator has aligned the male reproductive system. The testicles, where the sperms are produced, are kept outside the male human body. The testes in them are fragile, and the cremaster muscle plays a vital role by providing them a lot. The cremaster muscle covers the testis and moves them inward and outward, letting them produce healthy and motile sperms. 

The Cremaster Muscle

To know in-depth, the cremaster is paired in the pelvic region of the male body and is fully developed in the external genitals.  It is located between the internal and external layers of the spermatic fascia and covers the testis and spermatic cord. You can call it either a cremaster fascia or simply the cremaster. 

The loosely arranged muscle fasciculi in the cremaster muscle are united by loose areolar tissue. This forms a pouch-like investment of the spermatic cord and testis. This is called the cremasteric fascia and it lies deep to the external spermatic fascia. 

Cremaster Muscle And Its Functions

Functions Of The Cremaster Muscle 

The major function of the cremaster muscle is to raise and lower the testicles. These movements are crucial for the testicles as they will protect the male reproductive organs. We know, as the testicles need to stay at the proper temperature, they are located outside the body. As it determines the health of the sperms. But it doesn’t mean that simply remaining outside will give them the right temperature every time. If it is too cold outside, the cremaster muscle will raise the testicles closer to the body in order to get them warm. Whereas, when it is too hot, the testicles are kept lower and away from the body, to avoid the body temperature and let them cool down a bit. 

Apart from the function during the change of temperature, there are many other times in which we are grateful to the cremaster muscle. This includes the time when a man gets under pressure. Either it is due to anger, fear, stress, or any other reason, the cremaster muscles lift the testicles closer to the body and protect them from any injuries or physical harm. It is the same when he is about to get into a fight because what if he gets hit by his opponent or he wants to run away from the conflict?

What Is Cremasteric Reflex?

The cremasteric reflex is referred to as the way the cremaster muscle responds to the stroking of the inner thigh. Here, the muscle spontaneously rises the testis, which is caused by the ipsilateral contraction. If there is a soft movement in the area between the hip and the knee, the sensory nerve gets stimulated. The same will happen while men breathe in deeply or while contracting their abdomen. 

What Is The Structure Of The Cremaster Muscle?

Unfortunately, a detailed structure of the cremaster muscle is not determined yet. Pointing out the results of recent research on the human cadavers,  it contains various smooth muscle fibers organized in the muscle bundles and dispersed between the striated muscle fibers. At the same time, the majority of the anatomical literature says that it is considered as a striated muscle, consisting of both skeletal and cardiac muscles. Even though, its features are not like that of an ordinary striated muscle. 

Dysfunctioning Of The Cremaster Muscle

Retractile Testicles

When the cremaster muscle becomes overactive it will end up with a condition called retractile testicles. Here the muscle contracts and pulls the testicles up towards the body. A stronger enough reflex of the cremaster muscle will pull the testicles out of the scrotum and up into the groin. Normally, there is no complication accompanied by this abnormality, but it sure will bring a greater risk of the testicles becoming ascending. 

Cremasteric Cramp

Like any other muscles do, the cremaster muscle also creates spasm, which is extremely painful. Some people experience a chronic cremasteric cramp in this condition. But those who are lucky will have a weakened pain.  The cremasteric spasm can be cured in different ways according to how critical the situation and how extreme the pain is. The treatments include simply applying heat to relax the muscle, injecting certain medicines, and even surgery. 

The term cremaster is derived from the Greek word “Krema”, which means to hang.  For the healthy functioning of the testicles,  the cremaster muscle is inevitable. It helps in the functions of testis thermoregulation and sexual reflexes. This tiny muscle is responsible for keeping the process of generating sperms intact with suitable temperatures. With the help of this muscle, the testicles are also protected during dangerous situations like playing cricket and tennis. 

The cremaster muscle functions rapidly in lifting or lowering the testicles according to the change in atmospheric temperature and keeps them at a cozy and comfortable temperature to avoid any harm to the precious sperms. 

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