Liberty Generator Reviews – Detailed Report On Abel Thomas’s Biogas Blueprint Guide

In search of an honest Liberty Generator review? This one leaves out no detail that any such seeker needs. That is when most other Liberty Generator reviews found online could not be any more promotional or sales-oriented, as we have seen.

There are many Liberty Generator reviews out there suggesting it is the ultimate solution, echoing its creator. The creator intends to make buyers out of people and won’t detail any of its drawbacks or problems. That ends up at a much familiar and suffered place, as we know.

Liberty Generator Reviews – Is Abel Thomas’s Biogas Blueprint Lower Your Electricity?

That is why a review of this program has been compiled for you, after spending sufficient time learning about it. But, what makes my Liberty Generator review relevant are two specific points. Firstly, the sparse number of impartial reviews online, which is evident when searching for them.

Secondly, my experience working for a US electricity conglomerate, later, a sustainable energy solutions company, plus various federal and state departments over the years. That qualifies me very well to author this review for the benefit of my readers.

So, this Liberty Generator review will go through every aspect of this guide and program below. My understanding of its workings, benefits, as well as the extent to which the benefits aid people will be shared in this review.

Further, it could even reveal some unknown drawback it has, kept from the customers by other Liberty Generator reviews. Read this complete review and confidently make your mind up about the Liberty Generator program. 

Liberty Generator Reviews 
Program NameLiberty Generator
AuthorAbel Thomas
CatagoryPower generator Ebook
Main BenefitHelps to solve most of our electricity problems
Available FormatDigital Format (Ebook)
Guarantee Offered60 Days
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Liberty Generator?

The Liberty Generator program is a power generation E-book as tagged by the creator, Mr. Abel Thomas, from Iowa. Unmasking a so far unseen method that power companies are struggling to stifle, he claims the guide will offer people power independence, and even regular savings, plus income. The method he details in this program is said to be so foundational, that this generator could be built in mere hours by any layperson.

Traditionally, Americans have been supplied with electricity by various power companies. Although built as a nationwide grid, much of the electricity infrastructure in the US is owned by various power companies today.

And as the GMO companies took over American farmlands, these companies currently sustain a monopoly on the nation’s power supply. This is why your electricity charges spike up by the day, and how the monthly electricity bills wreak havoc with your finances.

Solutions such as solar power, as a replacement for traditional electricity, have met with failure due to the substantial installation costs, and non-existent gains. Is there no way other than selling your house and continuing to pay electricity to escape this dilemma?

Well, this is what the Liberty Generator guide claims to offer its users. This program introduces Americans to a proven technology utilized in 3rd world nations such as India, Thailand, the Philippines, Korea, and other less-fortunate regions.

Known as a Biogas Digester in these regions, this technology involves nothing more than the building costs and the occasional maintenance. This can be made using materials found in your homestead, yard, and comes with no running costs.

And its followers have been able to reduce their power-grid usage, exponentially with its help. Some of them even receive regular paychecks for the Liberty Generator electricity being fed back into the grid. This is achieved through the proven yet unfamiliar blueprint of Mr. Abel Thomas. So, let us see who he is before we proceed.

Mr. Abel Thomas, the brains behind Liberty Generator

The creator details his waypoints in realizing and recovering from the hold of power companies and his dependency on the power grid. Abel Thomas is an American hailing from the Iowa state. Although he could recall a childhood spent on his family’s suburban farm, he was aware of how corporations took most of their land over time.

But, it is when he had to contemplate selling his home to pay off the monthly electricity bills that he thought of the loss he sustained this way. Which led him on a pursuit of the dark underbelly of US power monopoly.

Finally, when he found his solution, he was so stunned, that he had to share it with the rest of America. That gave birth to the Liberty Generator program, and guide. It offers the principles of his power generation method, as well as a detailed and scalable diagram of the proven technology.

Today, his Liberty Generator program is praised by many from the sustainable energy sector as a solution for most of our electricity problems.

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What is included in Liberty Generator?

People often jump at a chance to reduce their power bills in any way possible. However, familiar methods such as solar, wind, and gasoline power generators have their drawbacks which make them unsustainable. Installation of a moderate solar power system in any US home takes up both time, space, and above all, money. This is why Abel has included all the necessary tools in a simple, easy-to-follow guide and program. The contents of the Liberty Generator guide are listed below.

  •     A video guide to make your Biogas Digester

This is a detailed tutorial with video excerpts, images, and even some important tips on setting up a Biogas Digester in your backyard. It guides people step by step to build a free power generator without additional expenditure.

  •     Complete materials list

This is a list of all the materials needed to build a precise version of the biogas generator for any setting. Much of these can be found in any tools shed, or workshop. Still, there might a few items that would have to be procured from a store, which add up to not much.

  •     Abel Thomas’s blueprints & instructions

Complete and detailed copies of Abel’s blueprints, scalable to your needs and space will be provided. This allows people immense flexibility in their design and capacity. Abel even provides detailed instructions on getting the job done so users wouldn’t have to hire a technician or other form of help.

  •     Instant access to everything

All contents, from the diagrams to the videos will be available as soon as your purchase goes through. The buyer will receive a secure and encrypted access link, and other credentials to get these. Also, once purchased, buyers get lifetime access to the program contents.

  • Lifetime 24/7 customer support

Abel looks to help people with the program in bringing their power expenses down, without increasing their stress and anxiety. So, he has well trained and qualified team standing by to answer any questions, 24/7. Customers say the creators offer a very good relationship as the support agents are service-oriented and understanding.

How does Liberty Generator work?

By now, most readers might already have some idea how this system works. However, let me elaborate.

The Liberty Generator Biogas Digesters are a well-proven technology used in various developing countries. Since these people have no access to consistent power supplies, utilizing a cost-free method to generate their energy needs is the only option.

These people have been using this technology for over two centuries, making it a time-proven technology. This involves a storage unit for all your waste products ranging from kitchen, food wastes, etc.

Some of them even feed these with human or animal waste, and other biodegradable products. The units also contain special healthy bacteria that break down bio-matter to produce a flammable, non-explosive gas. And this can be used for all your needs such as cooking, heating and much more. This gas can be used to generate electricity with just a few additional modifications.

So, users can go on to produce energy and meet all your needs from something that only takes the time of a weekend project. That too, without spending anything on chemicals, or other fuels that do not seem to drop in their prices. This saves a lot more money for people and makes power usage more sustainable and safe for the environment.

Hooking up this source to a power generator has enabled nearly 78000 homesteads in the US to go off-grid already. Or even better, some of them are feeding the generated power back into the grid, earning hefty paychecks from power companies instead of paying any bills.

Liberty Generator Working

Benefits of Liberty Generator

The uniqueness of the Liberty Generator program makes this a standalone and cheap system among the familiar alternative power sources of the day. Besides being safe for the environment, this technology is also safe on your wallet. And, though it might take a technician or special tools to generate sufficient power from it, all the below-listed advantages will follow.

  • Low-Cost Energy, Sustainably

In place of the traditional coal or nuclear methods of power generation, the Liberty Generator Biogas Digester produces clean and safe energy. This will be sustainable as it uses only organic waste products.

  • Easy Assembly, and Low-maintenance

 With the help of the enclosed blueprints, customers can scale this technology to suit their needs, convenience, and space availability. It is claimed by users that even a layperson with limited knowledge could set it up in a matter of hours.

  • Electricity Bill Reduction

Using the Liberty Generator-generated biogas for various purposes will cut down your power bills sharply. This fuel is so safe that a supply connection can even be made to the Liberty Generator digester. Ironically, there is a bill reversal to be gained, wherein the power companies will have to pay you.

  • Go off-grid and gain independence

Whereas many Americans had to buy transportable homes, forest cabins, etc., to get away from the fast-lane life, the Liberty Generator guide allows users to do this easily. That too regardless of the location, be it a city center or the countryside. This will keep clear of the power outages and other natural calamities prominent in our country.

  • Durable technology and no running costs

The Liberty Generator Biogas Digesters may be built using the scrap and unused material found around your house. What’s more, once set up, it only requires waste bio-matter to run, which is abundant in any modern household.

  • Accurate and scalable blueprints

The blueprints provided are detailed and easily understood, making the setup a breeze. This can even be modified or scaled to suit your space and budget availability, etc.

Liberty Generator Program

Pros & Cons of Liberty Generator guide


– Detailed Guide and Blueprints

– Easy-to-follow set up

– Free, 24/7 customer support

– 100% money-back guarantee up to 60 days


– This is not a readymade device but a guide to building one.

– Limited availability.

– A bit of elbow grease might be necessary

Is Liberty Generator guide legit or not?

The Liberty Generator guide and program by Mr. Abel Thomas has already helped nearly 100,000 people to date. However, almost all who have a penchant for well-thought-out household projects have found the system very useful.

Except for those with some form of physical or health limitation, all users could set it up in the stipulated time, or sometimes, slightly more. However, all users agree that it could meet and even surpass their energy needs once set up.

Some of their kids even had a field day with the installation, learning a new technology to fall back upon, anytime, anywhere. Other customers report receiving cheques from the power companies for the electricity returned with the Liberty Generator system.

This has given customers much-needed freedom and financial support in times of need. Based on many other Liberty Generator reviews, overall, it is safe to say the Liberty Generator system is a legitimate solution.

Click Here To Download The Liberty Generator Guide From The Official Website (60 Days Money Back Guarantee)

Liberty Generator Customer reviews & Complaints

As repeated throughout this Liberty Generator review, customer reviews of the guide and program are aplenty online. But sifting through these to find the legitimate ones might be a bit difficult.

Thanks to those customers who could not even set it up and still blame the program in their reviews. Most legit customers raise no complaint or a drawback of this guide on any of the forums. And the praises of Liberty Generator seem not to end for those who followed the guide.

Liberty Generator Pricing & Availability

Some readers often ask why the Liberty Generator guide has limited sales to the official website, which some consider a drawback. But, this is an extra layer of protection offered by the creator to all their customers.

This way, other sellers and platforms offering imitation guides and programs can’t keep up with the affordable Liberty Generator prices. Also, none of them have additional discounts or the money-back guarantee available on this official site. So, make sure to purchase the guide only from the official website.

A copy of the Liberty Generator guide costs only $49.00 today. This price is a promotional discount offer from its former listing of $99.00 and may expire soon. But, it includes all the listed content of this program with its blueprints, videos, instructions, etc.

The website offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on all purchases in case it does not work. This is another failsafe, which is also a testament to their confidence in the Liberty Generator guide.

Final Verdict on Liberty Generator Reviews

So, looking at the positive feedback from its users and the fool-proof, proven technology behind it, the Liberty Generator guide works. This is a sentiment seen in the reviews and customer comments on Liberty Generator.

The users are relieved by the safe and inexpensive benefits of this system. And people could use the precious dollars used to pay power bills previously, in the best interest of their families.

As mentioned in the Liberty Generator review, the guide comes with all things needed to set up this system at home, such as the scalable blueprints, instructions, and videos. Another point in its favor is the lifetime accessibility and 24/7 support provided. This system is made using commonly found materials around your home and runs from the wastage of your household. This makes it a sustainable and durable solution for your power or bill worries.

So, the Liberty Generator guide is something anyone can give a try. The author offers a discounted price for this guide today, as well as a money-back guarantee to secure the user’s investment.

Frequently asked questions

  • How long does it take to gain access to the guide?

The moment your payment for this program is processed, a secure link and credentials will be shred through your registered email address. These can be used to access all contents of the Liberty Generator guide.

  • Does it involve heavy machinery?

No. Except in case to build one for an entire apartment complex, simple elbow grease and a shovel would do.

  • Does it require tech proficiency?

No. All the blueprints and instructions are easy to understand and implement. It requires no technical knowledge, but the common, layman understanding.

  • Is the guide printable?

Yes. Although buyers only get access to a digital copy of the guide, blueprints, etc., these are printable for convenience and utility.

  • Does it truly work, and if it does not?

It is evident from the customer feedback that the Liberty Generator guide does work. However, users can always fall back upon the money-back guarantee within 60 days if it does not work as promised. 

Click Here To Download The Liberty Generator Guide From The Official Website (60 Days Money Back Guarantee)

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