Best Cable Machines For Home Gym For Resistance Training!

Many people’s busy schedules motivate them to find ways to exercise at their home gym, in their spare time, and in a relaxing environment; this has necessitated the introduction of cable machines to the market that are simple to use at home. Best cable machines are a great addition to any home gym for resistance training.

Top Ten Cable Machines For Home Gym

The cable machine’s sheer adaptability allows you to include it into your free weight home gym setting or utilize it to fuel whole sessions.

Best Cable Machine For Home Gym

In any case, the cable machine provides a significant amount of value. This article will look at various products of cable machines, their descriptions, pros, and cons.

1. XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine

XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine

The XMark Functional Trainer is a multi-functional cable machine known for its highly robust and stylish design and various features. It has 200 pounds of weight, making it highly stable and robust, weighing over 800 pounds when fully installed. Dual weight stacks are coupled to cable pulleys on the XMark machine, allowing you to work each limb individually. It also offers 19 unique column adjustments, as well as a variety of attachments.


  • True isolateral movements are available.
  • Pulleys that are simple to use and modify.
  • Metallic cables with PVC coverings for smooth operation that are extremely robust.
  • Includes chinning triangle, triceps rope, and single grip handle
  • Practical experience
  • Pulleys can be adjusted to 19 different height positions.


  • Weight levels cannot be upgraded.
  • Costly
  • Require more time to install.

2. Powerline Cable machine (PCCO90x model)

Powerline Cable machine (PCCO90x model)

Powerline is a highly versatile exercise gym machine that can be used in a variety of settings. The Powerline’s installation measurements are 112L x 39W x 82H inches, which should fit in a room with a ceiling height of seven feet.

The PowerLine PCCO90x comes with a set of eight large-diameter resin pulleys with built-in ball bearings for long-term durability. It is designed to rotate 180 degrees to allow users to perform high and low pulley exercises easily.


  • simple to install.
  • Weight plates are available in both standard and Olympic sizes.
  • More than 50 exercises can be performed.


  • manual exercise is not included.
  • The top and bottom pulleys are permanently attached.

3. Valor Fitness (CB-12 model)

Valor Fitness (CB-12 model)

Valor CB-12 has a sturdy steel tubular design with strong pulleys for a secure and smooth operation. The adjustable seat pads and four base caps keep you comfortable while working out and keep your machine steady. The CB-12 allows you to conduct various workouts such as sitting row, triceps pulldowns, standing leg extension, abdominal crunches, and upright rows despite its small size.

For its compact, robust, and pleasant features, valor fitness CB- 12 is a suitable cable machine for a home gym.


  • Frame made of solid steel
  • Tension pulleys with a long life span that assure safety and smooth operation.
  • The plate-loaded carriage system can hold up to 250 pounds of resistance.


  • There is no specified weight stack 
  • Not recommended for persons who are extremely tall or hefty.

4. Bodycraft HFT Functional Trainer

Bodycraft HFT Functional Trainer

Bodycraft HFT has various appealing features, including 31 height position, 180-degree swivel, laser-cut weight stacks, and fiberglass nylon pulleys, all of which aid in smooth performance.

Bodycraft HFT has two 150-pound weight stacks on both sides that may be raised to 200 pounds for a more intense workout. The cables are 2000 pounds in weight, have a flexible plastic coating, and are made of aircraft cable.


  • It has several features
  • Easy to install
  • It has 31 adjustable positions


  • has a limited number of weight stacks

5. FreeMotion Dual Cable Crossover (EXT model)

FreeMotion Dual Cable Crossover (EXT model)

The frame of the FreeMotion EXT machine is made of 7 and 11-gauge steel tubing and can support up to 350 pounds of weight. The entire machine is powder-coated for added durability. The EXT comes with two 210-pound weight stacks, eliminating the need for weight plates. The multi-function shoulder arms have a vertical setting of 12 inches and a horizontal setting of 9 inches.

The Freemotion EXT displays 16 workouts for various muscle groups; they are just a few of the hundreds of exercises that may be performed with this cable machine. The spinning arms and swivel pulley reduce the need to keep the pulley aligned at a precise angle.


  • High-quality design and materials
  • Heavy-duty cable machine
  • Compact footprint


  • Expensive to purchase and install

6. Body-Solid Functional Trainer

Body-Solid Functional Trainer

Body-Solid is a high-quality, long-lasting gym machine with two 160-pound weight stacks. The body’s frame is made out of 11-gauge 2-inch by 4-inch steel tubing.

Each stack arm can be upgraded to hold up to 5 additional plates. A vertical carriage system made of fiberglass is used on the stacking arm.

The pulley rotates 180 degrees, allowing the user to work out in numerous planes of motion with ease. A dual-position chin-up bar is included with this item. The handles on the Body-Solid Functional Trainer have nylon strips that make grip comfortable while yet being robust.


  • Cost-effective  
  • A complete Cable machine with two fixed pulleys
  • It is possible to use both standard and Olympic plates.
  • There are extra components available, such as a chin-up bar.
  • Provide a comprehensive warranty


  • It does not include the weight plates
  • Limited adjustable positions in pulleys

7. Titan fitness cable machine

Titan fitness cable machine

Titan Fitness is a basic cable machine intended for home use. Weight stacks aren’t pre-installed on this machine, making it excellent for both novice and advanced users. It has four pulleys which comprise two high pulleys and two low pulleys, which offer a wide range of exercises. It also has two independent towers.


  • Lightweight and simple to install and relocate
  • Suitable for use at home or garage.
  • Affordable 


  • The unfixed base stand makes it unstable
  • Weak center beam for heavy pull-ups
  • Fixed pulley height

8. ARCHON Wall Mount Cable Crossover Station

ARCHON Wall Mount Cable Crossover Station

Archon is made up of two independent pulley wings that are not joined by a bar. Archon employs a vertical wall mounting mechanism, which means you won’t need to build a cross beam because you’ll be installing them into wall studs. There is no weight stack because it works with weight plates (it can hold regular and Olympic weight plates).


  • Provides a diverse selection of fitness options.
  • it is safe and stable to use
  • When in use, it’s smooth and silent.
  • Adjustable width, perfect for usage at home


  • Absence of center bar withdraws pull-ups and chin-ups exercise
  • It must be installed on the wall and cannot be attached to the floor.
  • Weights and attachments are not included and must be purchased separately.

9. Marcy Smith Cable Machine (9010G model)

Marcy Smith Cable Machine (9010G model)

The Marcy Smith is a plate-loaded cable machine that is extremely customizable. This choice is ideal for people who want to incorporate a variety of exercises into their training. The Marcy 1090G also comes with a smith machine, double arms for chest workouts, and an adjustable bench that can be utilized for curls, leg development, and benching. Three pulleys are included in the cable machine section. Two high pulleys are located on either side of the machine, and one pulley is located in the bottom middle only to do rowing workouts.


  • Has diverse features for various exercises
  • Affordably priced for an all-in-one machine
  • Extremely adaptable and durable
  • Multi-purpose machine


  • Non-adjustable pulleys
  • Lack of weight plates

10. Inspire Fitness Functional Trainer (Ft2 model)

Inspire Fitness Functional Trainer (Ft2 model)

Inspire Fitness functional trainer comes with everything you’ll need to exercise at home. An adjustable bench is included in this machine. Like the Marcy MD-1090G, the integrated bench can be equipped with a leg extension for leg work and a curl pad for bicep work. The cable machine includes two weighted stacks, each with a 165-pound weight capacity.


  • Cables that are smooth and well-balanced
  • It doesn’t take up much space.
  • Has a pull-up beam


  • It takes time to install

Tips guidelines when buying a cable machine for home gym

When buying a cable machine, the following are factors are important to consider for the best quality machine;

  • Size of the machine

Cable machines come in different dimensions and sizes; therefore, the room’s capacity will determine the size of the machine you buy. You may buy your favorite cable machine only to realize the space in your home gym cannot accommodate it.

  • Reliability and longevity

The cable machine is used daily to do extensive workouts; this may lead to quick depreciation of the machine. The quality of the machine will determine the reliability of the machine. When buying a cable machine, it’s good to look for high quality with a longer warranty. 

Machine with steel frames is more durable and likely to withstand more pressure. Powder-coated frames offer incredible resistance to rust and are easier to clean.

  • Cost of the machine

Home gym machines are expensive, but it’s good to select a machine within your budget. A machine like FreeMotion is highly expensive, and the price can be intimidating; due to its incredible features. At the same time, you can buy a machine like ARCHON at fair prices and give you the same satisfaction even though some features have been omitted, like weight stacks. Always go for a machine that matches your budget.

  • Easy to operate

Look for a cable machine that is easy to operate. If adjusting the weights or pulleys on your cable machine is difficult, you will not enjoy using it. The simple-to-use home equipment will undoubtedly make your workouts go faster and more efficiently.

  • Target features

The most important feature in every cable machine is the pulley; other features can be omitted but not the pulley. It’s important to check that the pulley structure meets your needs in terms of material, height adjustability, and comfort, among other things. They also come with pull-up bars, benches, and more, making them a cable crossover home gym with multi-functional pieces. Consequently, the standard cable machine is the best choice if you want a solid and straightforward crossing.

  • The versatility of the machine

This is the ability of a machine to perform a wide range of exercises. Therefore, the best cable machine is the one that can perform a wide range of workouts.

Final Verdict On Best Cable Machines

After going through this article, you agree that the best cable machines are a great addition to any home gym. In a comfortable, safe, and secure environment, you can execute a wide variety of exercises with variations, which are necessary to improve your muscle mass and strength. Other than a good pair of training gloves, it will help you target your primary muscle areas. Given the benefits of using a cable machine, buying one is wise and enjoying the benefits.

People Also Asks

How do you use weight stacks in the cable machine?

Exercising on machines with weight stacks is the fastest technique to modify the amount of weight lifted quickly. When weight training with a friend, this can be especially beneficial. Individuals can maintain increased heart rates by changing weight plates to vary the weight amount by simply pulling out a pin and replacing it.
For example, if you want to move from 45 pounds to 50 pounds, you will have to adjust the weight plates by removing the pin, waiting until it reaches 50 pounds, and then inserting it again.

Can I use a cable machine for muscle build-up?

there are a variety of muscle build-up exercises that can be performed using a cable machine. They aim at muscles on the upper body like shoulders, biceps, upper back, chest, and triceps. They also include exercises like standing chest press and fly. Generally, a cable machine offers the best exercises for muscle build-up.

Which one is better, cable machine or free weight?

the cable machine is neither better or worse than free weight, but one gets several advantages when using cable machines. When using a cable machine, the body is exposed to constant tension from the beginning to the end; this tension helps to increase fatigue over a particular group of muscles.

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