Why Do I Need To Record My Progress In Achieving Fitness?

Being in love with the ultimate body of your dreams, you may be completely dedicated to following your fitness regime regularly. But when someone asks you how much did you achieve, or is there any difference after you complete a month with a proper diet and exercise, you may not have a clear answer for that. And what I can’t understand is how could people ignore tracking their progress, when it is one of the important keys to success. Maybe because they are discouraged to do so. Whatever be the reason, in case you are one among those people who don’t record any theory progress, all I need to tell you is, having a good track will only cherish you.

How To Track Progress?

Tracking your progress doesn’t imply taking before and after pictures. But it is a bit more stretched. Starting from a workout journal to taking the measurement, is a time-bound process. 

The important steps to track your fitness progress include:

  • Keep a workout journal to record how you feel
  • Take photos of your progress
  • Make timely measurements
  • Check and record deviations in the weighing scale
  • Frequently check your health condition
  • Plan and record your diet 
  • Record your workouts
  • Track your heart rate
  • Test whether you have improved your strength

Why Should I Track Progress?

As there are several keys to track your progress in your venture to fitness, you can certainly follow them to enhance yourself. In the same way, there are many reasons why you should have a clear record of your achievements.

1 It Will Keep You Motivated Till The End

As when you see the results, it will motivate you more to achieve big. But what if you are completely ignorant that you are reaching the ultimate goal step by step? 

If you are taking frequent measurements and weighing your body, you can see smaller, but remarkable changes. And trust me, these small changes will inspire you to gain more and more benefits and make you more focused. Then you will rightly move forward in the right direction. 

2 You Can Motivate Others Too

Looking in the mirror every day will not let you notice the changes happening in your body. But tracking it after measurements would do. Keeping a record of your progress will not only inspire you, but you can share it with a friend of yours or a cousin, and let them enjoy the benefits of fitness too. 

3 You Will See What Is Working And What Is Not 

Keeping on track with your fitness plan and having a record of everything regarding it would help you to know what will bring you the change and what is not. Furthermore, you could find the root cause of any difficulties like a muscle sore, or an injury. The same happens while tracking your diet too.

4 To Bring Timely Improvements In Your Plan  

Keeping your fitness journal and recording your diet pattern, and progress would let you know many useful things. As you record everything, you can track when, where, and how the changes happen. To be clear, you will be able to understand at what point you made the change, or which workout brought the change. So that you can determine the intensity of your workouts or what triggers you to shed fat. Hence you can improve your fitness plans to achieve more. 

5 To Remind You Of Your Goals

As you record your progress, you will often be reminded of the reasons to start the fitness journey. Tracking your progress means recording your own history. As you often get reminded of your previous shape or conditions, you will naturally feel to go far more away from it. 

6 To Let You Feel The Satisfaction

Once you could carve yourself into the ideal figure, comparing yourself as you look into your previous photos and into the mirror is quite satisfying. Knowing how much you weighed before and after is really relieving and will motivate you to stay healthy and always have a clutch on your current weight. 

7 You Will Be More Accountable

As you regularly measure after you have a blueprint to fitness, you will be more responsible to yourself to bring the desired change. Tracking your progress would make you more determined to achieve your goals. 

While it takes time and dedication to achieve success in the fitness journey, it could be difficult to stick to your fitness routine. However, if you decide to track your progress in your weight journey, you will get enough motivation that will not let you give up in the middle. Studies also proved those who track their progress shows 25% better performance than others. Sticking to a daily routine and keeping a record of your progress will keep you enthused too. 

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