Types Of Pull Up Variations: Muscle Gain Workouts!

There are many Types Of Pull Up Variations that one can use to gain more from the workouts. If you are already training, probably, you know the traditional style everyone uses the chin up.

To increase the chance of body-building, you can utilize more pull-up variations in your exercise. Here you will learn the best pull-up variations you can use to improve and stay focused on your body-building journey. If you are a beginner, you have come to the right place also. The article will show you the best pull-up variations you can use as beginners and focused till you reach the advanced level.

Types Of Pull Up Variations: Body-Building Facts!

Remember that you have to do the one you are comfortable with as you continue to improve. Do not lift weights or do pull-ups that are hard for you, but as you maintain the exercise, your body will adjust and do what you could not accomplish.

Now let’s dive deeper and see the best pull-ups for both the beginner and advanced level, how the pull-up variations work, and many other things to ensure you have a successful body-building exercise.

Types Of Pull Up Variations

How do Muscles Pull Up Variations Work?

The muscle pull-up variation is meant to strengthen your upper body. The pull-up technique is an advanced exercise, but it has a lot of benefits in building your body muscles, especially the upper part of your body.

The different variations have different intensities on your muscle contraction. The wide grip usually will help you strengthen your back muscles. The grip and pulling up will help you target the middle area of your back. By combining the different variations, you will build the biceps, mid-back, rear delt, forearms, and other body muscles.

Pull up variations for beginners?

Australian rows

Australian rows

It is a pull-up that you can use to start as a beginner. Australian rows will help you to develop your strength and stability. Here it does not require much power because it is like the standard pull-up technique.

To do this exercise, you have to grab the surface or the bar you are using. Make sure that the width of your hand apart is between 6 to 12 inches. Now you have to push your back up until the chest is against the bar you grabbed.

Negative Pull-ups

Negative Pull-ups

It is another pull-up technique that you can use as a beginner. Here there are two movements that you have to move your body. The first movement is to push your body against the bar you have grabbed. 

You can make the second movement by moving your body back to the ground. With the moving back movement, you will make your body strong and able to handle your weight. Therefore negative Pull-ups will assist you in building the strength of your muscles.

Assisted Pull-ups

Assisted pull-ups

With this method, you will do pull-ups while someone is helping to move you up and down the pull-up bar.

There are machines in the market designed specifically to get the pull effort assistance; however, if you practice with someone, they can be your helping hands.

There are other tools like a resistance band that you can hang under your knee or foot, which can assist in carrying out the exercise.

Standard Pull-ups

Standard pull-ups

This exercise can help you to scale up your progress in building your body muscles. Here you will have to do at least one pull-up. You will have to grip the pull-up bar in a way that your palm faces away from you. Then you will have to pull yourself towards the bar until your chest is against the bar.

If you struggle to pull up towards the bar, make sure you do a straight pull down and up. Standard pull-ups help you engage your body and start building the strength to propel yourself up and down without a problem if you start using the other advanced technique.

List of 7 Best Pull-up variations

Hanging knee raises

Hanging knee raises

It is a pull-up variation that is meant to strengthen your shoulder, grip, and core strength. Here you do the exercise by hanging while your knee is raised. However, you can use a supporter for your legs as your hand is free above the supporter.

With these pull-ups, you will be able to develop the strength of your upper body part. As you stay strong on the hang, you will also strengthen your lower body part. With these, hanging knee raises you can prepare yourself for other more advanced pull-ups.

How to do it?

It is a simple pull-up technique you can do. You will have to raise yourself to hold the bar with your two hands while your shoulder is in the down and back position.

Then, you will have to raise your knees and bring them to your chest and down again while maintaining a straight posture.

If you are new to this pull-up, you can use support as you hang on the raised bar.

The Classic Chin-up

The Classic Chin-up

It is an exercise that can target your back and biceps strength. With this technique, you will not require to engage your legs much or your whole body.

How to do it

Here you will be required to grab a pull-up bar. Your shoulder should be in the back position. Then your hands have to face towards your face. With this grip, make sure that your palms are near your chin.

Since you are in a hanging position, you have to pull yourself upwards until your chin passes the bar level you are hanging on. Also, you will have to avoid swaying or kicking to prevent pull-ups. When your chin is past the bar level, you have to pause for a few seconds. Now you can lower yourself to the starting position slowly.

You can repeat the sequence of moving up and down for a few rounds. This exercise will help you build your biceps or your chest muscle. Also, this exercise is good for the beginner.

The Hammer Grip Pull-Up

The Hammer Grip Pull-Up

The Hammer Grip Pull-Up is the best pull-ups variation that you can use to build your upper body muscles. This method is more challenging than the classic chin-up technique. It is an ideal method for you if you have weak shoulders. With this technique, you will put less strain on your shoulders and wrists. It is a suitable method, and it can help you to build your biceps perfectly.

How to do Hammer Grip Pull-Up?

You can do this technique, and your palms have to face each other once you grip the hanging bar. Now you have to hang freely with your hands extended. It is your starting position with this technique. Now put your head up, breath outward, and ensure your body is not swinging. Then start pulling your body upwards. Also, ensure that your elbows do not flail outside.

You can move your body up until your chin is parallel with the bar you are hanging. Stop moving upward; pause, inhale and start lowering yourself slowly back to the starting position.

You can repeat the cycle for at least three sets so that you can build your muscles and strengthen your forearms, traps, and biceps.

Clapping Pull-ups

Clapping pull-ups

It is another best pull-ups method that you can use to build and strengthen your upper body and your core stability. It also focuses on building the strength of your grip.

Clapping Pull-ups- How to do?

First, you have to hang on the pull-up bar. Then extend your hands in a way that they are slightly wider than your shoulder width.

Second, you will have to squeeze your shoulder bone together and pull yourself up until your chin is above the pull-up bar.

Finally, you have to put your hands beyond the bar and support yourself. Now you can put your hands together and clap. Remember to balance yourself in the same position while clapping. Then you can catch the bar again and lower yourself to the starting position.

Towel Pull-ups

Towel pull-ups

Towel pull-up is one of the exercises that will help you to build grip strength. With this exercise, you will have to grip the towel and ensure it does not slip off your hands when you move up and down on the pull-up bar.

How to do Towel Pull-ups?

To do this exercise, you have to drape your towel over the pull-up bar and make both sides have the same length. Now reach to both towels and grip them tightly, then you can pull your body up as you maintain the grip.

Remember to use a strong towel that will not rip apart during the exercise because it can use injuries when you fall. You can move up and down for a number of the set. 

Around the World Pull-Up

Around the World Pull-Up

With this technique, you will have to pull your body up but over one side of your hand. Then you will move your body across the pull-up bar and to the other side and finally return to the starting position.

Around the World, Pull-Up helps you put more load on your body muscle, and your weight is distributed evenly in the process. Here also, the movement of your body depends on your preference. You can move clockwise or anticlockwise.

How to do it

It is another best pull-up technique that you can use to propel yourself up until your chest is above the pull-up bar. Here you will require much pulling strength to do this exercise. This technique will require more time to master but is effective because you will strengthen your chest, triceps, hips, shoulder, and whole body.



To do this exercise, you will have to place your hand at least 6 to 12 inches apart then pull your body toward one hand. Then pull your body to the other hand and return to the starting position. You can repeat this for several sets to make sure you build your muscles well and balance your weight through your body.

How to do it

You will start by gripping the pull-up bar slightly wider than the width of your shoulder when they are apart. 

Secondly, you will have to pull your legs up to help you propel your chest above the pull-up bar.

Thirdly, you can extend your hand and be straight, then push yourself up further until your waist is roughly parallel with the pull-up bar. You can now drop yourself back and repeat the cycle for several sets.

Final Verdict on Types Of Pull Up Variations

As mentioned in the article- Types Of Pull Up Variations above, Though pull-ups are a challenging exercise, you can start with the beginner variations as you progress to the advanced level. You can start slowly by including the advanced pull-ups into your daily exercise routine. You can start with hanging on bars doing beginner pull-ups to build your strength.

Note that you can combine the pull-ups with other body exercises that will aid muscle building on your upper body part. Some of these exercises include push-ups, bicep curls, triceps extensions, and chin-ups. You should at least have 2 to 3 pull-ups training in a week.

The break in between the days of the week will allow your muscles to recover. In the process of recovery, you get more muscle building. Remember to consult your doctor before you start these exercises to ensure it does not interfere with your health.

Types Of Pull Up Variations FAQ’s

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