Tree Pose For Increasing Height? Here Are The Fun Facts

Have you ever felt envious of those slender and tall models on the runway? You are not alone because anyone of average height or below that average point has felt that they could use a little more height. However, many of you might already be aware that the height of a full-grown human being is mostly determined by the genes the person carries.

Height Related Fun Facts With Yoga

Whether you are hitting puberty or are out of those growing years of your life, or if your genes are not helping you get tall, don’t worry because good news awaits you in their information-loaded piece. Many extensive types of researches and studies that have been conducted prove that the likeliness of increasing height during and after puberty is not entirely dependent on your genes.

Tree Pose For Increasing Height? Here Are The Fun Facts

Many other factors are held responsible for increasing height. Being of a tall stature can be a blessing that many are deprived of. So, if you come under the category, this article is made for you and you alone. 

Some Height Related Fun Facts 

Many people experience short height issues. Along with genes, many other factors such as exercise, sleep patterns, and, most importantly, nutrition is responsible for increasing height. But many a time, it so happens that you drink and eat things that claim to add in some inches and do all the possible exercises and trenched in the world, but nothing happens. Don’t fret and enjoy these height-related facts mentioned below –

Some Height Related Fun Facts 
  • The sleep cycle is known to affect your height directly. It is because the pituitary gland works on secreting good growth hormones at night.
  • Medical surveys have proved that tall people have 37% more chances of suffering from cancer.
  • Several kinds of research have shown that tall people tend to make more money than short ones. 
  • It is a known fact that the body of both males and females starts shrinking by the time one turns 40. 

The Magical Vriksh Asana Or Tree Pose 

The solution to almost all human ailments is present in the various yoga poses discovered and practiced worldwide. Several poses aim at increasing one’s height. One among the many amazing yoga poses is the ‘tree pose’ or ‘Vriksh Asasna’. It is a simple and extremely effective pose that can help enhance the growth hormones in your body, facilitating height increase. It is vital to perform this asana correctly to enjoy the many health benefits it comes with. Given below are instructions on how to do the tree pose. 

The magical Vriksh Asana or Tree Pose 
  1. First, start with standing straight with an entirely relaxed body. Then start bending your right knee and place it on your left thigh.
  2. Have an erect and firm posture while trying to practice balance with even breathing.
  3. Take a deep breath and slowly bring your hands above your head and hold a Namaste position. All while maintaining balance.
  4. Then after holding the position for a few moments, come out of the position slowly, although with an erect spine. 
  5. One can do this for 10-15 minutes regularly by switching legs. 

Initially, it will be difficult to achieve the perfect tree pose easily, but one will see improvements with practice. This pose has some undeniable health benefits apart from helping in height increase. It is known to improve neuro-muscle coordination and also deepens your thorax. It also helps in improving concentration, focus, stability, and balance, toning the calves, leg, and thigh muscles and even strengthening them. It is also known to help people suffering from flat feet issues. 

Now that you know about this miracle height-increasing pose, you can go ahead and add it to your regular exercises regime. Although, it would be golden if, along with the practice of the tree pose, you indulge in a healthy lifestyle filled with a balanced diet and other efficient exercises, yoga, and even meditation. It will keep both your body and mind running in coordination, hence facilitating leading a long and meaningful life filled with happiness and bliss. And who knows, that if you are lucky enough, you might see the addition of a few inches soon enough. 

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