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Upper Primer 4 (No Measure)

Cat/Camel x 10


2 Rounds

10 Prone Swimmers

10 Alt. Downward Dog with 5s pause with hand at toe

SA Farmers Carry AHAP down and back R/L

10 Half Kneel Barbell Strict Press – switch down knee next round

Seated Strict Press (4 x 8 @ (3-1-X-1) )

Seated Barbell Strict Press
*Focus on keeping the ribs down and abs on, sitting up straight and tall

*Superset each set with 6-8 ring rows @ (3-1-X-1)

*Rest 2-3 min after each superset

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

6 min AMRAP:

10 KB SDLHP @50/35

9 Push Ups

8 KB Goblet alt. reverse lunges

7 Burpees

-rest 2-

3 min AMRAP

(same as above)