Reasons For Weight Gain After Working Out!

If you are someone who has gained weight or know someone who has been gaining weight even after working out, then you should know that this phenomenon is much more common than you can imagine.

Is There Any Remedy For Weight Gaining Even After Workout?

Several researchers have studied and come to the conclusion that weight gain is likely to happen after working out regularly. This may only be temporary, and in some cases, permanent.

Reasons For Weight Gain After Working Out

Whatever may be the case, here are some science-backed reasons proving why one gains weight even after hitting the gym:

🔷Muscle Gain – A common one

There are many people out there who are going to the gym to build their muscles. Many people also go on crazy protein-rich diets that not only help losing weight in some parts of the body but also bolster muscle growth in a few others. This can lead to inevitable weight gain. This kind of weight gain is not worrisome as people who are doing such training are much more focused on gaining muscle strength.

It is also possible that one might look like they have lost weight, which is actually just body fat, and the scale on their weighing machine is going up. Muscle training is actually good for an individual in order to not just lose fat but also to make themselves stronger.

🔷Post Workout Inflammation – A side effect of working out

This one generally occurs only for a temporary amount of time. When it comes to working out, especially doing some intense workouts, there is a high chance that the muscle tissue gets damaged. To grow it back and make it stronger, the body needs some time. During this time, what the body goes through is known as post-workout inflammation. This may be detected simply by acknowledging soreness in the body after a day or two of your workout.

🔷Supplements are also the cause of weight gain

Do you take any supplements after your workout? And no, we are not talking about the carbohydrate ones.

Supplements surely give an additional something to your body, but that does not stop there. Supplements can also lead to weight gain to some extent. This can also lead to some water retention in your body, but rest assured, you won’t have to go through it forever. There is even a good chance that the carbs you have in your meals, following your workout can be stored in the form of glycogen. As per the experts, this is completely normal.

🔷Water Weight – If you didn’t already know, yes that’s a thing

This one is mostly experienced by women. Water weight is essential when one’s body starts storing up the water for long periods of time. The causes of water gain are many.

Sometimes, a hormonal change in menopausal women’s bodies can make them retain more water than usual. Sometimes, it is the sodium intake. Yes, that’s right! Having too much salt can retain water in your body and make you feel bloated and basically, not good at times. This is also a noticeable thing, that one doesn’t necessarily have to have extra salt as foods that are canned or processed already have so much sodium in them.

🔷A proper diet is a must

When it comes to working out, many people miss an important part. And that is to have a proper and balanced diet. You may think that an exercise would do the job for you. But, when not combined with a good diet, exercise can also have its own adverse effects.

So, it is very important to have a proper amount and quality of food that goes with your goal. Just keep in mind that a balanced diet is key. It won’t do you any good whether you consume calories that are more than necessary or which are not enough.

What should you do?

Have patience. It is the only thing you can have and do when you gain some weight. As proved in the points above, you should have a balanced diet and not push your body in a direction that is too much for it.

Also, a balanced diet should not be missed and in any way, do not give up! When you are doing everything right, you will also have the results you want, if not in a month, then in a few months. Just make sure that your lifestyle is healthy.

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