At CrossFit Love, we offer personal training sessions with any of our coaches. This can be utilized on a regular basis in place of our group classes, but we also strongly encourage our group class members to utilize this option as well.

This is a great opportunity to focus on a weakness or learn a troublesome skill. Each class will last approximately one hour. Typically the sessions are performed one-on-one, however if desired, groups of two or three may be trained at one time as long as each member is of a similar skill level. During a typical session, we spend most of our time practicing movements, but we can also screen for imbalances and mobility issues, perform video analysis and discuss ways of customizing your program. Below are our rates per hour. Click on the trainer’s name to send an email to schedule your sessions.


Coach for 1 person for a group of 2 for a group of 3
Joe Petrusky $100 $90 per person $80 per person
Justin Doran $75 $65 per person $55 per person
Matt Smith $75 $65 per person $55 per person
Jake Hill $50 $45 per person $40 per person
James Moore $50 $45 per person $40 per person

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