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Front Squat Prep (No Measure)

Spiderman x :30

Wrist prep w coach x :90


2 Rounds

Alt Shoulder Tap with T x 16

Tempo Goblet Squat x 10s negative x 10 s pause x 3

Bottoms Up KB Reverse Lunge x 8 ea arm

High Hang Barbell High Pull with 5s ecc. x 8

Front Rack Reverse Lunge (3×5)

Complete all reps on right, then left
Increase weight from last week. Start each round with non-dominant leg.

Metcon (Time)

For Time, 1 min work 1 min rest

75 wall balls @20/14 [30/20]

50 burpees

25 DB Snatchs @40/25 [50/35]


3 Rounds NFT

:30-:45 ring plank, feet elevated on box

15 V-Ups