At CrossFit Love, our coaches believe that a commitment to exercise is only part of the equation in achieving your fitness goals.

Establishing a sound nutrition program is fundamental to achieving real results in the CrossFit program. If one of your goals is to change your body composition, exercise – even CrossFit – will not be enough. At CrossFit Love, we don’t prescribe fad diets. Instead we recommend eating a balanced, sustainable diet of real food that will help your body run at its optimal level.

What Do We Think Is Optimal Nutrition?

At CrossFit Love, our nutrition approach is simple: Eat grass-fed meats, wild caught seafood and lots of vegetables (mostly green). In addition, eat healthy fats like nuts and seeds, a little fruit, a little starch (from sweet potatoes and the like), and no added sugar. Get as much variety as possible and try to only consume whole foods. Finally, keep intake to levels that will support exercise, but not body fat gains.


Our coaches are not nutritionists and we do not prescribe nutrition plans. But we do have years of experience training a wide variety of individuals. From what we’ve found, our greatest athletes have all committed to the principles stated above, and there’s no doubt that optimal nutrition is a key component of any successful fitness program. Our coaches frequently discuss what nutrition has worked for them and are happy to refer students to more resources on the matter. Finally, if you think you need a more tailored nutrition program, we are happy to refer you to a nutritionist.

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