Kick-start Your Healthy Eating

When seeing patients in the office, we often start discussing “healthy eating,” as if we both are on the same page. However, I follow-up by asking “What exactly do you believe is healthy?” The majority of the time, the conversation feels like we are speaking two different languages. The truth of the matter is, everyone’s definition of “healthy eating” is different.

Not a difficult choice here!

Now, what exactly is “healthy eating” or “eating clean”? How can this be accomplished?

Although eating healthy comes in all shapes and sizes, I personally try to eat “real food” whenever possible.  What is “real food” you might ask?

Real food is something that came from the ground we walk on or once walked on the ground.  

This doesn’t include all “healthy” food but it is a good start.  For more of a guideline, I recommend reading “Eat Fat, Get Thin” by Mark Hyman M.D. to most patients.  This isn’t necessarily the only “eating healthy” lifestyle change that exists, but I do believe that “Eat Fat, Get Thin” is a good basis for people to start on. I have personally seen amazing results from friends, family, and patients that adhere to the principles found in this book.

I believe that “eating healthy” starts on the premise of removing processed foods, sugar, and grains from your lifestyle. If you are motivated to get on the track to achieving your goals for aesthetics or performance (by beach season!), we see the best results when following these steps:

  1. Remove sugars, processed foods, and grains
  2. Tracking your macronutrient (protein, fat, carbohydrate) ratios
  3. Dialing in ratios and eating more or less for your performance or aesthetic needs
Removing sugar sweetened beverages is STEP 1


STEP 1 is truly the most impactful, but can be the most challenging.  In this step, accountability is key… so find a friend or reach out to LoveNutrition at for a consultation and I can get you started down the right path!

With health,

Ron Torrance II, D.O.

Sports Medicine Trained Physician

Kresser Institute Trained Clinician