How Do Your Joints Change As You Age? Causes & Remedies.

Joints play an important role in our daily activities. It is because of the movement of the joints we are able to move our body. From picking up a cup to typing something or walking, everything is caused by joints and them working in unison with one another to support our movements.

Effects and Controls Of The Issue

However, with age the joints get weak, and these movements are restricted to a great extent. One of the reasons why a young person can run faster than an old person is that the joints are strong and do not ache.

How Do Your Joints Change As You Age? Causes & Remedies.

How Aging Changes Your Joints: –

  • The Cartilage Issue – Firstly, before getting into how old age weakens your joints, you need to understand how the joints work in a human body. In a body, joint bones are not directly in contact with each other. There is a small cushion-like fluid between both the joints known as synovial fluid or the articular cartilage. It is because of this fluid the movement happens. Over the period of time or aging, the fluid becomes thinner, for most men this starts after 50 and for women this begins after their menopause or sometimes even after giving birth to a child. When these ligaments get thinner, the two bones rub against each other causing a great friction and pain in the area. This is the primary reason why joints ache slowly when you age.
  • Losing Bone Mass – Many people lose their bone mass as they age, for women this is after menopause and for men around the age of 40. The bones start losing calcium and other vital minerals. The spinal cord is made up of a set of joints known as vertebrae and as the bones start losing their mass, they become thin and this causes the movement to be stiff resulting in prolonged pain and ache.

Effects Of These Changes: –

With losing bone mass and other vital nutrients the bone will become thinner and smaller leading to height decrease. Breakdown of these joints might also lead to deformity, stiffness, inflammation, and pain as well. A person’s posture changes when they undergo this transformation in their life. This also causes slow movement and some movement might be restricted like lifting heavy weight which you could once lift due to strong bones and joints.

Muscle weakness also arises due to this which contributes to weakness and fatigue. The risk of physical injury increases as a person cannot maintain their stability which they could once do easily. There is a reduction in reflex speed that is why it is not permitted for many of the old people to drive as they might not have the reflex speed that is needed.

How To Control This Issue: –

  • Exercise – Most people experience this early in their life due to limited exercise and this is a grave concern. A person should exercise at least for 20 mins in a day which can be as simple as walking or running or even hitting the gym. Many people have adopted yoga as this also helps. The main thing is that you must move your body so that it is not stiff in the long run.
  • Good Food – Many people rely on fast food as it is easy to consume in this fast world. However, many times the fast food doesn’t give out enough proteins or other nutrients that are needed for the bones and the body to grow effectively. One must have fair share of green vegetables and non veg items as well as they have lots of proteins and calcium which are very good for the bones.
  • Taking Care Of Your Body – Many people suffer physical injury on a daily basis, sometimes at home or sometimes at work and mostly rub it off as it is not serious. However, many times this makes a crack in the bone which is not noticeable at the early stage but has adverse effects in the long run. So if you feel discomfort at any point of time then you must visit your doctor or a healthcare professional.

Aging is the main cause of joints which can’t be avoided, we can only take good care of our body so that it stays fit for a very long time.

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