Is Yoga A Good Practice For A Fit Body?

Healthy life, fit body is becoming the mantra for people nowadays. But in today’s lifestyle, it is very difficult to set a routine that helps you attain it. There are many ways to lead a good lifestyle. The various processes are gym, diet, exercise. These are deep subjects that may not give a rational way, but on the other hand, to get a healthy living life consider Yoga as the art of living.

History Of Yoga

Yoga is one of the ancient practices being with people since the Indus Valley Civilization which is the earliest urban culture of the Indian subcontinent. Yoga was followed to get a healthy, happy long life. In the growing process. It is a fact that yoga was forgotten from people’s lives, but the current generation believes healthy life is a key to happiness. After the rise in the pandemic, the ancient practices of Yoga are coming back as a way of living to other countries like The USA, Canada after knowing the benefits of yoga they also started to incorporate it into their lifestyle.

Is Yoga A Good Practice For A Fit Body?

Is Yoga A Good Practice For A Fit Body?

In having a good body, we follow different things, but are they effective? This is the important question you should ask yourself because without knowing the answer, you can’t get the result. There is one best answer for all the questions is Yoga.

Yoga not only helps to get a good body, but it also maintains good mental health which is very important to be taken care of in this stressful lifestyle. Yoga may be an old practice but trust it has all the remedies for your problem. May the problem be inside or outside the body. It has a cure. It might take time. We all heard a famous saying: Good things take time. Similarly, yoga needs time dedication, stability, and regularity.

  • Yoga is one of the splendid and effective practices for a good lifestyle. This practice gives both mental and physical stability which everyone is missing in this stress full and fast going lifestyle.
  • Yoga helps you with a calm mind and a flexible body. It also gives the body proper blood flow.
  • Yoga has the power to transform our bodies. The proven results show us it has the potential to reduce fat in the body, develop muscle tone, and give flexibility. This helps you attain a fit, healthy, and good-looking body.

Will Yoga Help You Burn The Extra Calories?

Yes! According to the research of Harvard health publication, burning calories in yoga is based on body weight and the duration of yoga sessions.

It can burn the approximate calories if you weigh 125 pounds (56kgs). You will burn about 120 calories, if you weigh 178 pounds (83kgs) you will burn 178 calories in 30 minutes of the yoga session.

How Long Does It Take To Get Fit In Shape With Yoga?

The first rule in yoga is best when you practice two to five times per week. This is a wonderful goal to aim for! Over time and good practice, you can find that your body can do five to six sessions per week. This progress shows you how well your body is turning strong and flexible. Yoga posture will tone the body.

They are more than just a way to lose weight as yoga helps you concentrate on a much deeper aspect for a more permanent fix. Yoga will develop the perfect balance of abdominal strength, suppleness, and relaxation.

It is said that Doing 15 minutes of yoga every other day improves bone health and 20 minutes of a daily session can improve focus and it proves working memory on a study. People practicing yoga typically see results from 3 months to 6 months. Yoga is an art. It takes time and dedication to see the result in the body, but the results are permanent.

Yoga Toning Before And After

Yoga can change the person you were before. It helps you to analyze the body. What are all the mistakes you made? How can you make it right? These are all the things you get to know about your body after the yoga session. After a good yoga session, people can feel their self-esteem has improved. After a proper yoga session with no discontinuation, you will see the visible results, not only the body but also external things like glowing skin, shining hair. You can see that you have transformed into a better person.

Yoga Toning Before And After

Yoga toning will take about 4 to 8 weeks to see a significant improvement. It will help you get rid of all your muscle problems, like back pain and body aches. Practicing yoga, you notice that your body adjusts to your natural balance.

Yoga Body Vs Gym Body

Doing yoga and gym workouts are two very different things. They two have their own benefits, but practicing yoga and working out gives a totally different feel because the way of doing yoga and workout is contrasting.

Yoga gives you that calm, composed feel and will not make you tired or exhausted but speaking of working out it’s a heavy process that needs a gym-like place to do that, and it is extremely tiring for most people. The gym workout gives you the power and rush, which differs completely from yoga.

Yoga Body Vs Gym Body

Yoga will not give you any side effects when a session has been skipped for some period but when a workout is skipped, you have a risk of gaining so much weight The yoga helps you develop muscle evenly over the bone and increase body flexibility and with workout its focus on increasing muscle mass which decreases flexibility is decreased. The workout will provide cardiovascular benefits, but yoga can’t provide that

As with working out, yoga also has better postures to build a perfect body. The important postures are:

  • Bridge pose
  • Cobra pose
  • Chair pose
  • Triangle pose
  • Tree pose
  • Mountain pose

Final Thoughts – Will Yoga Fitness Lasts For A Lifetime Unlike Any Other Physcial Exercise?

Yoga is a flame when you light it up. The glow never fades away. It helps you to control yourself. Yoga not only helps you to have a fit body, but it also gives you the external glow, proper breathing, and the importance of a calm mind. Yoga is art is not just a saying, it is a belief that is believed by the people who are all benefited by it. Yoga in the morning can improve your day and as you planned. Some things can’t be understood by reading it can feel by practicing them. Yoga means addition–addition of energy, strength, and beauty to body, mind, and soul.


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