Is Sex A Fitness Factor? Important Things To Note

Have you ever felt that sex and gender play a huge part in hindering success in both a male and a female’s life? And can the sex of a person determine the fitness or health of an individual? These questions have been in the history of gender and the issues related to it since time immemorial.

It is important to note that it has been a male-dominated world for a long time, whether you like it or not. Still, with modernization and industrialization, the scenario is changing slowly. 

How To Determine The Fitness Or Health Of An Individual?

Is Sex A Fitness Factor?

Many and even you might believe or once would have believed that since men have better built and physique than women, they are blessed with natural and better fitness levels than women. Although partially true, it is that is not entirely the case.

The world is changing, and so are people’s bodily structures and requirements. In this informative piece, you will come to know that sex is not the only determining factor that contributes to an individual’s fitness and so much more. Read along to find out.

Factors that contribute health and fitness in men and women

It is important to note that for understanding the factors responsible for fitness in men and women, it is important to know what fitness means. If one goes by the popular definition of fitness, then it is termed as being in a state of extremely good health and surviving and reproducing.

Hence, it is not that men are more fit than women or vice versa. It is the way the body can transform and adapt according to needs and environmental changes. Listed below are some of the many fitness determinates for you to go through-

  • Genes

Genes contribute to an individual’s overall health, be it a man or a woman. The DNA that one carries holds the genes that have been passed on from generations of your family. If you have a family history of type 2 diabetes, then you may suffer from the same is very high, affecting your fitness level. Some individuals come from families that house stronger and fitter women than men.

  • Environmental Factors

The manner and place in which one lives is quite a fitness determinate as well. The environment is also known to affect an individual’s mental health and peace, facilitating laziness and lack of motivation to practice a healthy lifestyle filled with proper diet and exercise. The availability of nutritious food, quality water, and climate also affect the fitness of an individual.

  • Cardio Vascular Health

Good cardiac health is a very important fitness determinant as it deals with the proper functioning of respiration and blood and oxygen circulation. Some people are known to be blessed with greater lung capacity, irrespective of gender.

Cardio Vascular Health
  • Muscle Health 

Having good muscle strength enables greater endurance during physical activities or exercise. It also aids the energy levels of the individual. Although men are blessed with more muscle mass than women, anyone can naturally achieve it by following a proper diet and exercise regime.

Muscle Health 
  • Performance Speed and Flexibility

This factor is associated with speedy activities like swimming and running. Having a good performance speed can determine one’s fitness. The flexibility of the joints and the entire body helps while performing stretches and preparing the body for an exercise routine. Flexibility and agility come more naturally to women. Although women are naturally more flexible than men, men too can achieve a certain level of flexibility with proper practice.¬†

Performance Speed and Flexibility

If you are familiar with Charles Darwin’s natural selection theory, which talks about survival of the fittest, it will change your current perspective about fitness. So, if your body can take you through this life, enjoying a healthy state, then you are fit, irrespective of your sex. 

Hence, the bodies of both sexes are structured differently. Each organ is designed to perform a designated function. Both sexes have different bodily requirements that facilitate the smooth and proper functioning of the bodily processes. And although men are physically more dependable in strength and build, it would be wrong to say that sex is the only determining factor to test an individual’s fitness. Men might be fitter than women in certain aspects. Still, suppose they indulge in an unhealthy lifestyle, including excessive smoking and alcohol intake, improper diet, and zero exercises, then there will be nothing left to determine their fitness. As fitness of a human largely depends on how one lives, eats, and does in his everyday life.

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