10 Important Things You Should Never Do Before A Run

In this fast and ever-changing world, everyone wants to be fit and strong. Running is the most preferred form of exercise as it does not involve the use of any type of equipment or home space. Most people start their healthy lifestyle by a morning jog or by running few laps.

Mistakes That Avoid Before Run

Running could be at times painful and tiring yet more than millions of people run every day to keep themselves fit in this world. From kids to adults running has been proven to be the best form of exercise to keep one fit.

10 Important Things You Should Never Do Before A Run

There is much importance of running

  • Weight Management – Running is being identified as the best thing for losing body fats. Running increases your heart rate which in turn increases your blood circulation. Running also reduces the changes of cardiovascular problems as well.
  • Better Mental health – Apart helping the body running helps helps to calm your mind. A hormone known as endorphins is releases into the body which relieves stress and also helps in good sleep and raises one`s self esteem.
  • Increased Immunity – A person who runs daily is said to have more immunity as compared to a person who doesn’t. Apart from healthy diet a body also needs a healthy workout which running provides in a good amount
  • Low Blood Pressure – It has been found that people who run on a daily basis have lower blood pressure as this helps the sodium in body to be in check.

Things you Should Never Do Before a Run

  • The Right Shoes – The first and foremost thing before beginning is to find a perfect shoe for this exercise. One must not use sneakers or jordans for running, while they should stick to sports hoes which are easy on the legs and of the right size.
  • Pain should not be ignored – If you feel you have some joint pain in your leg or in your back, one must not start their run but should treat this first. If not treated this could prove fatal while running, as all the muscles and joints move when you run leading to complications.
  • Warm ups – Before starting a run one should warm their body by doing some light stretches. This will help you loosen your body and be more flexible while running and you won’t catch any muscle tear. Few of the warm up exercises are butt kicks, knee lifts, jumping jacks etc.
  • Dehydration – One should drink enough water at all times. You should drink water while you are running so as to avoid a serious case of dehydration and other complications. If not dehydrated it could lead to dry skin and bad breath as well.
  • Running on empty stomach – One should have some food intake before starting their run, as running on empty stomach will burn your fats from the muscles as there wont be any calories due to no food intake.
  • Too much eating or drinking – One should not also eat too much or drink too much fluids before starting the run, as this might lead to excessive carb loading. Protein rich foods are the most preferred food to have before starting your run.
  • Do not overdo – If you feel like your body is too exhausted while running don’t try to push yourselves much harder as this would break the body. You should know what the limits are and try to push it gently each day and not the very first day.
  • Training Plan – You should create a training plan prior to your run. You should know how much distance you are going to cover and in what amount of time. Making a plan will help you achieve and track your targets on a daily basis.
  • New Gear Issues – If you gear is new, then using it directly on the run won’t be a good experience. You should get familiar with your new gear, wear it for a walk and do some light stretching prior to your run so that you are familiar in that outfit.
  • Forget to use the Toilet – You should hit the washroom before starting your run as this wont hamper your running streak midway. Make sure you are hydrated again after using the toilet.

Thus there are many benefits of running but most importantly one must also follow proper directions or instructions before starting their run.

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