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Dynamic WU with Coach (No Measure)

Sweat, mobilize, activate with coach for 5-10 minutes.


20 minutes: handstand progression work

-pike push ups, HS hold on wall, controlled negatives, kipping hspu, shoulder taps, free standing holds

-3 Rounds Not For Time

:30 handstand hold [6-10 HSPU]

6-10 tuck-ups

Bear Crawl 1 gym length w/ light dumbbells

Metcon (Time)

15 min, E5MOM

18/12 Cal AB

10 Dbl DB Cleans @40/25 [50/35]

6 box step overs w/ DB’s @24/20″

-DB’s touch floor each clean, scale box heights as needed

-Full GO each round

-score is slowest round