CrossFit Love 10.11| CrossFit Philadelphia

CrossFit Love 10.11 | CrossFit Philadelphia

My sword, my shield, my skill and my might
Are not the things that make me a fright
It’s my heart and my soul that give me my power
They’re the reason I keep fighting hour after hour
I fight for my land, my heritage and pride
I’m Irish, so Irish it’s shown on my hide
The ink on my chest is powerful and thick
It may seem strange to you but for me it’s iconic
It wards all the evil away from my heart
It makes sure my spirit and body won’t part
It’s my knot, I tied it myself with my soul
It can’t be undone, it just plays it’s role
My charms may seem like a cute little joke
But I wear them with pride, they’re a spiritual cloak
We can fight if my heritage means nothing to you
But I promise your neck will fall under my shoe
I have no other purpose but to protect what’s mine
And any who threaten my people will pine

~ Creed of a Celtic Warrior

Pre-Session Weightlifting 

In 20:00 work build up to a heavy Bottom Up Front Squat

Seated DB Shoulder Press 4 x 8 – 12 @ increasing loads
*challenge yourself
*10 Cals on the AA after each set, crank these out!

Gymnastics Sessions (Available at 430 & 630pm) 

Gymnastics Session
Strict MU & Freestanding Handstand Strength, Mobility, & Progressions Week #3
Wrist prep 3 x 10 reps in each position
2:00 Prone push-up press against wall hold; 20 sec at a time
Banded MU positional work 10 x :03 holds in each position
 MU Attempts & Sets
Headstands x 15
Box handstand walks 90 degrees R&L x 7 sets
Partnered handstand holds 10 x :20
Wall walk ups 5 x on 3rd hold for :10
 Freestyle Holds


Ring Push-up WOD
20 Regular Ring Push-ups
10 R Leg Elevated Push-ups
10 L Leg Elevated Push-ups
20 Alt Archer Push-ups
10 Planche Push-ups
10 Chest Fly’s
20 Close Grip
7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1
Ring Dips @ 31×1 & Ring Rows (*scale up is with weight vest)
3:00 Ring Extension Hold (*break as needed)
Cool Down Deep Stretch

Accessory Work

Run: 6 x 800M
*rest 1:1 & pace should be held within :10 of the first
Bike 1 Mile TT
Low Plank Holds 3 x :90 w 20 / 14 vest

ROMWOD - Optimize Your Range of Motion