Regardless of age or gender, and regardless of whether our ultimate goal is excellence in sport or overall health, there are a few components of fitness we all need. We all need to be able to lift heavy objects, control our body weight, run, jump and balance with efficiency.

Our CrossFit group class is a general strength and conditioning class where you’ll learn and develop these foundational components of fitness. We have no machines, but we do have plenty of different tools including: barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, gymnastic rings, pull-up stations, tires, chains, weight sleds, and of course our bodies. Everyone works hard, but no-one will be asked to do things they can’t safely do. Everything we do in the group class is scalable. If the weight is too heavy, it can be lowered. If a movement is too advanced, it can be modified. Above all other considerations is individual safety. We want everyone training with us for the long haul and keeping you injury free is a top priority.
We like to say that our group class is less a workout and more an activity. Often times there will be a competitive element to the class and there will always be a team dynamic to each class. The community atmosphere makes it feel less like an hour at the gym and more like an hour working out with your friends.
The general format for each class is as follows:
  1. Warm-up and mobility work.
  2. Strength or skill development
  3. Accessory work (extra exercises)
  4. Metcon (cardio)
  5. Cool-down

Although this is a lot to cover each class will last one hour and will always be led by one of our expert coaches. *Each class will have no more than eight students total.

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