Healthy Eating – Part 2

In our last nutrition conversation, we divided “Healthy Eating” into three steps.  The first step, we went over in the last article, is to remove sugars, processed foods, and grains.  This can be a difficult process, but I find that going into your pantry or refrigerator and throwing out all of these items is the …

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Kick-start Your Healthy Eating

When seeing patients in the office, we often start discussing “healthy eating,” as if we both are on the same page. However, I follow-up by asking “What exactly do you believe is healthy?” The majority of the time, the conversation feels like we are speaking two different languages. The truth of the matter is, everyone’s definition of …

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New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year, everyone! The team at CrossFit Love is here and ready to do whatever we can to help you reach your 2018 health, wellness, and fitness goals. For our current members, we promise to motivate and challenge you throughout the year by providing valuable information in our new blog, holding monthly challenges, hosting workshops, and growing …

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Merry Christmas, friends!

Merry Christmas from all of us at CrossFit Love! We are happy to announce we will be starting a weekly blog in the new year. You can expect a new post every Monday with a rotation of information covering topics such as nutrition, mobility, motivational content, gym happenings, and much more. We look forward to providing …

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