CrossFit Love – CrossFit

Upper Primer (No Measure)

T-Spine Foam Roll x :30

Lat Foam Roll R/L x :30


1. Prone Snow Angles (end with hands on low back/relax forehead on ground) x 15

2. High Plank – shoulder, shoulder, hip, hip taps x 8 cycles

3. Strict KB high pull R/L x 10

4. Banded Pass Thrus x 15

Boulder Shoulders (Weight)


1/2 Kneel Landmine Press x 12 each

Single Arm Incline DB Bench Press x 10 each side

DB Z Press x 8

15 Band Pull aparts (vary grip each set)
Prop 1-2 45# plates under one end of the bench to create incline

-Landmine: R knee down, R arm presses

Midnight Train to Georgia (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

20 minute AMRAP

100 M Farmers @ 60-70/40-50


:30 Handstand hold

-Every 5 minutes (0,5,10,15 mjnute mark) complete 20 cals on either AD, rower, ski-erg.
-If big class, have a group start cal on 1,6,11,16 minute mark

-try multiple machines