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Love Everyone (No Measure)

2 Rounds

A. 10 Tall Kneel Stir The Pot each way

B. Down and Back Marching with DB @ side- hold for 1s with knee @ 90 (abs)

C. 5 Quadruped Hip CARS each direction – cone on low back

Blow Up (4 Rounds for distance)

4 Attempts

:30 Max Meters on Row

Rest as needed
*coaches program row on custom workout to single duration – :30

Three Amigos (Time)

Teams of Three

Race to 1500 M

Partner A – Max Meters

Partner B – Max DB/ KB Hold @ side

Partner C – Max Hand Stand Hold

Rx+ = 8 HSPU then hold

*Once partner B or C break, partners rotate. Rower cannot start until new partner B is holding KB/DB and Partner C is upside down.

*Rotate in order

*Scale is Decline Push up for HS hold

MidLyne (AMRAP – Rounds)

Complete For Quality – NFT – Extra Credit

3 Rounds

Max set T2B

:20 Front Rack Hold AHAP

as heavy as possible WITH RIBS DOWN HANDS TOUCHING