Community Holiday Workout at 10AM on July 4TH!!! (all other classes cancelled)

CrossFit Love – CrossFit

Strong is Bootyful (Weight)

4 Rounds

12 DB RDLs @ 50% DL Max – DBs

10 BB Glute Bridges 3s Pause at top – BRING AN OLD TOWEL

20 DBL Arm Band Rows (wrap around rig)
Score is DB used

Midline Madness (AMRAP – Rounds)

9 minute EMOM

1. 4 Wall Walks

2. 20 Hollow Rocks

3. :45 Backwards Craddle KB Carry

^don’t fall

Get it done (Time)

10 Tire Flips with a partner for time

Times & Names go on WHITEBOARD above DB rack in addition to Wodify