Community Holiday Workout at 10AM on July 4TH!!! (all other classes cancelled)

CrossFit Love – CrossFit

Overhead Prep (No Measure)

2 Rounds

A.) 10 Alt High Plank Shoulder tap to “Y”

B.) 5 Sumo Stance Inch Worms

C.)Pallof Press ABCs x facing both ways

D.) Tall Kneel Bottom Ups Hold x :20 ea

Split Jerk (7 x 1 )

Increasing Loads

Aim for 90-110% of 3 RM

Fitty (Time)

50 Shoulder to Overhead @ 135/95

EMOM – 5 Wall Balls

Rx+ 185/135
Workout starts with WB

Burn – Usher (AMRAP – Rounds)

2 Rounds

Strict KB/DB High Pull x 6 (3s ecc)

SA Band Face Pull x 10 (red)

Prone I,Y,T x 6 ea, 2s hold ea rep.