CrossFit Love – CrossFit

OH CHILI (No Measure)

:30 Foam Roll Lats R/L

2 Rounds

12 Push up Plus

12 Pallof in Quarter Squat Hold

12 Empty Barbell Strict Press in finished Split Jerk position

Split Jerk (3 RM – 15 min)

6 1/2 Kneel DB Press between each set

Anything For a Friend (Time)

25 minute Cap

5 Rounds with Partner (ea)

Partner A: 5 Clean and Jerks @ 115/75

Partner B: Chin Over Bar Hold

–Clock continues to run, right into:

5 Rounds with partner (ea)

Partner A: 5 Push up w + Shoulder tap (R+L)+ Hip Tap (R+L)

Partner B: Front Squat Bottom position hold

Rx+ = 155/105