Know anyone looking to try CrossFit, learn the basics, and join our community? Our new 4 week Intro program starts on JUNE 5TH. *3 times a week/ 4 weeks/ $150*

CrossFit Love – CrossFit

Leftover Chili (No Measure)

:60 T-Spine Foam Roll

2 Rounds

20 Shoulder Taps – High Plank

5 ea. Prone I, Y, T Lift offs

10 Strict KB/DB High Pulls ea.

Push, Carry, Row (Weight)

3 Rounds – NFT

12 Standing Land Mine Press (Feet Equal, may use a “push” with hips + knees)

100 M Unbroken Farmers Carry

20 Underhand Band Pull aparts
Score = Weight for landmine

Farmers Walk is as heavy as possible without breaking. Steps and back.

Work, Rest (AMRAP – Rounds)

10 Minutes

30 On 30 Off

Min 1: Russian KBS @ 60/40

Min 2: SA OH Alt. Lunge (DB) @ 50/35

Switch arms every round

Rip it (Calories)

Max Calories on Rower in 15 Pulls

2 Attempts