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CrossFit Love – CrossFit

Notice knees stay back, three point of contact on the PVC, neck position. ,Notice knees stay back, three point of contact on the PVC, neck position.

Dead Prep (No Measure)

1 Round

A.) Quadruped recip Lift Offs x 8 each (5s hold)

—Bear position, right hand, and left knee come off ground .5 cm without rotation

B.) 20 PVC Hinges – 3s pause at end range

C.) Alt Lunge Jumps with 3s pause on the catch x 10 ea

D.) Tall Kneeling Pallof ABCs each side

Discipline = Freedom (3 Rounds for weight)

3 Rounds of the Following, not for time, for weight, or intensity

Barbell RDL’s x 8 with 5s negative

—keep LIGHT, review hinge

—The purpose here is to feel a hamstring stretch with a perfectly executed hip hinge

—keep the eyes down, neck neutral, no stripper booty or pooping dog

DBL KB Sumo Stance DL x 8

—reset after each rep

—set is terminated at the SLIGHTEST break in form

—TENSION TENSION TENSION before lifintg KB off of ground (break them!)

—INTENT versus intensity
Score is Weight used for RDLs without break in form

How You Do One Thing is How You Do Everything (Time)

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 (18 minute cap)



Bulletproof Hips 003 (No Measure)

1-2 Rounds

A.) SL Stance KB Pass offs x 20 switches (Stand on one leg with a little knee bend, pass KB from one hand to the other SLOWLY)

B.) Banded Psoas March x 10 ea Leg. (On Back, Feet up on bench, knees straight, band around both feet, bring one knee and toe towards face, hold for 3)

C.) Partner GHR x 5 with max eccentric. (no concentric)

D.) Single Leg Bridge x 15 ea (lax ball in oppo hip crease)

LoveFit 5.3 (Time)

4 Rounds

200 M Run

25 KB Sumo DLHP

20 Alternating Split Jump Lunge

LoveFit 5.3 B (Time)



Strict Knee Raise