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Goblet Squat (3 x 10)

Super set with:

3 x 2 TGU each side

3 x :20 Pallof Hold each – elbows extended

GPP Warm Up (No Measure)

2:00 Squat hold – grab a post, pole, KB, or friend to help you pop a squat – SHOES OFF

10 Alternating Spiderman (total)


2 Rounds

Heavy Farmers D+B


5 Goblet Squat Press Outs

5 Single Arm Press with 20s hold after fifth rep ea

5 Max Effort Jumps for Height – (attempt to touch a ring or bar on the rig)

Dumbbell Reverse Lunge (3 x 6 each side)

Dumbbells at side. All R then All L. Take a step back, control knee to mat, return to double support. Slight Forward lean of torso to load posterior chain.

Super set with:

3 x 30 Low Plank Body Saw

3 x SA Farmers Carry D+B

Max Cals in :45 (Calories)

Air Dyne Max Cals in :45

2 x :20 increasing intensity for warm-up