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Smatch Prep 08 (No Measure)

2 Rounds

8 Plate Press Outs to OHs (Press + Squat + Lift plate OH + stand up)

12 PVC OHS facing wall (squat therapy)

16 Alt. Leg Lowers with Plate OH



Snatch Pull to Knee x 5

Snatch Pull w Shrug x 5

BK Hang Power Snatch x 5

Drop Snatch x 5

BK Full Snatch x 5

Snatch Pull (4x(1+1+1))

4 x 1,1,1

1 Snatch Pull 3s pause BK (drop + reset)

1 Snatch Pull 3s pause BK with Snatch High Pull

1 High Hang Snatch High Pull

Start with empty BB, increase as appropriate

*Emphasis: Get vertical, elbows high and out on high pull. From high hang, you should be accelerating the bar upwards to the ceiling using your knees and hips.

Snatch (4 x 2)

1 Snatch (3s pause BK)

1 Low Hang Snatch (below knee to mid-shin

*Low hang snatch is about position position position*

Increase as appropriate

Endurance WOD (Time)

1 x 200

Rest 1:00

1 x 400 M

Rest 2:00

1 x 600 ( lap + straight away and back)

Rest 2:00

1 x 400