CrossFit Love – CrossFit

Press Primer (No Measure)

:45 SMR @ Posterior Cuff R/L


2 Rounds

10 Band Pass Thrus

10 Diagonal l Pull Aparts ea.

:30 Bottoms Up Hold R/L

5 Empty Barbell Press @ 5-5-5-1 tempo

Stick Up (Weight)

10 Minute EMOM

Min 1: 8 Strict Press

Min 2: 10 Push Press

-Change weight in between minutes

-Push Press should be 10-30# heavier

-Go from ground if crowded
Score is Strict Press weight

Squeeeeeeeeze (AMRAP – Rounds)

12 Minute EMOM

Minute 1: Inverted Barbell Row in Rack x 12

Minute 2: Forward Plate Raise x 10

Minute 3: DB Curl and Press x 8

Hold This While I go Over Here (Time)

2 Rounds with Partner

Partner A: Bear Crawl Down and Back

Patner B: OH Barbell Hold @ 95/5

—–then switch

Partner A: 200 M Sprint

Partner B: DBL KB Front Rack Hold

—-then switch
Each partner does each component x 2