CrossFit Love – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)

2 Rounds

A. Downward dog hold with opposite foot touch x 20

B. Band Pull apart sequence x 10 each

-palms up

-palms down

-OH to behind the neck

C. Explosive Partner MB Reaction Toss

—Partner A is on back, partner B drops ball on partner A’s chest, partner A violently pushes the ball back to partner B who will catch the ball. Reset. Repeat x 8

D. Bear Plank Hold x :40

Bench Press (4 x 12 @ 70-80%)

10 Bent over Plate/DB reverse flies in between sets

The Get Down (Time)

3 Rounds FT

15 Minute CAP

30 DB Push Press

30 MB Thrusters

15 Push ups

EMOM – 3 Strict Pull ups


-Start at 3 PUs, add a pull up each minute